Special Report: Making Better Decisions


The Power of Asking Pivotal Questions

Asking the right questions can help you broaden your perspective — and make smarter decisions.


Using Simulated Experience to Make Sense of Big Data

Simulations can help shrink the gap between what analysts try to explain and what decision makers understand.


Why You Decide the Way You Do

Six scholarly articles offer intriguing insights into factors that can affect the decision-making process.


Embrace Your Ignorance

The overconfidence of presumed expertise is counterproductive. Instead, data trumps intuition.

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Special Collection: "Making Better Decisions"

In a business environment characterized by economic volatility, rapid technological change and an increasing volume of data, making good decisions has never been more challenging — or more important — for business executives. Three MIT SMR articles offer new insights from leading researchers on decision making:

The Art of Asking Pivotal Questions
By Paul J.H. Schoemaker and Steven Krupp

Using Simulated Experience to Make Sense of Big Data
By Robin M. Hogarth and Emre Soyer

Why You Decide the Way You Do
By Bruce Posner

Making Better Decisions


Teradata brings you a free collection of MIT Sloan Management Review articles on making better decisions.


Transforming Product Lines — and Culture

For BASF, Sustainability Is a Catalyst

October 15, 2014 | Rachael Post

Risk mitigation drove chemical giant BASF to adopt a sustainability focus, initiating a chain reaction that transformed not only the company’s product lines, but its corporate culture. The company’s vice president of sustainability strategy, Dirk Voeste, explains the step-by-step process that BASF undertook to produce a company-wide shift in this massive organization’s mindset.

Leveraging Data

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Increasingly, people and products — websites, objects, services — can be represented as a set of data characteristics. Open access to this group of MIT SMR articles on managing those data sets to meet customer need is provided courtesy of Cognizant.

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Do You Need a Data Dictator?

Keeping track of data and creating value from it may require more than technology.

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Special Report: Strategy in Changing Markets


How Strategic Is Your Board?

Strategic thinking by corporate boards is more important than ever for business survival.


Beyond Forecasting: Creating New Strategic Narratives

In turbulent markets, managers can build momentum for innovative strategies by rethinking the past, reconsidering present concerns – and reimagining the future.


The Opportunity Paradox

How can managers best meet the challenge of capturing new growth opportunities?


From the Editor: Strategy in the Midst of Change

How do you develop strategy in a business environment exemplified by rapid change and uncertainty about the future?

Selling with Social Tools

Linked In, Twitter and even Facebook are becoming key pieces of sales peoples' tool kits.


The Art of Selling with Social Tools

As daily life goes digital, Hearsay Social develops a social media platform to generate sales leads.


New in Data and Analytics


How to Hire Data-Driven Leaders

As business moves to a real-time, data-driven focus, the search for talent has undergone a quantum shift.


Sports Analytics: The NFL Connects with Fans

The NFL's CIO discusses the organization’s customer-focused approach to big data and analytics.


Is Your Organization Ready for the Impending Flood of Data?

As sensors and computer-mediated transactions become universal, Google’s Hal Varian warns that organizations need to prepare for a flood of data.


Catching Up with Scantily Clad Analytics Emperors

Stories of your competitors’ analytics prowess are probably overblown — so take steps to move forward now.