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Duped by Data

A series of small errors in data can lead to major mistakes.


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Digital Marketing


Do You Have a Conversational Interface?

Companies can position themselves now to use messaging platforms and AI to fulfill customer needs.


When Employees Don’t ‘Like’ Their Employers on Social Media

For companies, the social media behavior of employees represents both an opportunity and a risk.


Turning Content Viewers Into Subscribers

Content websites can convert visitors to paying customers by engaging them in a “ladder of participation.”


The Risks and Rewards of Brand Personification Using Social Media

Social media as a tool for brand promotion has its drawbacks, but a sound strategy can lead to business rewards.

Strategic Alliances

How to Manage Alliances Strategically

August 23, 2016 | Ha Hoang and Frank T. Rothaermel

Companies that lack the resources and knowledge to undertake key strategic growth initiatives often seek partners who can fill in the gaps. The skills that make such alliances work, however, aren’t well understood; executives often make flawed assumptions that prevent the partnership from achieving its goals. An integrative, holistic framework for alliance management helps executives avoid these pitfalls and create value via strategic alliances.

Analytics Innovation

Improving Analytics Capabilities Through Crowdsourcing

Analytics capabilities can greatly expand a company’s ability to innovate — but what do you do when the talent you need just isn’t available? Agribusiness giant Syngenta, faced with an insurmountable analytics talent bottleneck, turned to crowdsourcing. Using a series of contests, it outsourced the development of a set of award-winning analytics tools to improve its decision making — and learned, in the process, some key factors supporting successful crowdsourcing.

Blockchain Data Storage May (Soon) Change Your Business Model

Blockchain is a data storage technology with implications for business that extend well beyond its most popular application to date — the virtual currency, Bitcoin. Managers need to build their organization’s absorptive capacity around this topic for at least three reasons: (1) the potential effects on organizational value chains, (2) communication within and between organizations, and (3) benefits from cooperation.


Developing Innovative New Products

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As their markets change, businesses need a strong pipeline of innovative new products and services. Open access to these three MIT Sloan Management Review articles about new product development is provided courtesy of PwC.


Why Great New Products Fail

Companies often don’t focus enough on understanding how customers decide what to purchase.


Becoming a Data-Driven Organization

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Organizations have begun to capture, create and use data in ways that are changing how we work and live. These in-depth case studies describe organizations tackling the opportunities and challenges associated with becoming a data-driven organization.


GE’s Big Bet on Data and Analytics

An MIT SMR case study looks at how GE is remaking itself from a traditional manufacturer into a leader of the Industrial Internet.


How to Succeed with the Internet of Things

Platform Strategy and the Internet of Things

Professor Marshall Van Alstyne, coauthor of Platform Revolution, provides insights on how platform strategy and IoT combine to produce value for all players in the ecosystem, using real-life examples from organizations such as Apple, Uber, Airbnb, and more.

Data Sharing and Analytics Drive Success With IoT

We found that obtaining business value using the connections the IoT creates between an organization and its customers, suppliers, and competitors depends on companies’ willingness to share data with other organizations