In October, we asked our readers to tell us who is getting the most value out of social media in their organization, how social media tools will change the way they communicate and what their greatest fears are about social media adoption.

When we launched our Social Business hub in October 2011, we asked visitors to take three polls. Each poll received a reply from 65, 66 or 67 visitors. We found that most people believe marketing and sales are getting the most from social business tools; social media tools will replace email within the next 10 years; and, management’s number one fear about social media use is losing control of their brand reputation.

Here are the three poll questions and their results:

1. “In your organization, what business functions are getting the most value from social media tools?”

2. “Do you think social media tools will replace email at work?”

3. “What do managers fear most about social media use in your organization?”

2 Comments On: Social Media Poll Results: Fear of Losing Control Still an Issue

  • Kapil Sopory | December 13, 2011

    Social media tools cannot be wished away. For us,they play important role in communication and knowledge management. However, eventhough expanding fast,it is unlikely they will replace email in near future.
    The greatest threat is loss of intellectual capital ( valuable company information) leading to loss of reputation.
    Kapil Sopory

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