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Better Data Brings a Renewal at the Bank of England

To realize the full potential of its access to new data, the Bank of England changed its structure, behavior, and approach to problem solving.


Six Lessons From Amsterdam’s Smart City Initiative

Data and analytics promise to improve urban living but require new collaborative skills.


Sales Gets a Machine-Learning Makeover

Frontiers |

How human vigor and algorithmic rigor are joining forces in the sales function.



MIT SMR’s Global Research on Analytics


Beyond the Hype: The Hard Work Behind Analytics Success

The 2016 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS finds that competitive advantage from analytics is declining.


The Talent Dividend

The 2015 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS finds that talent management is critical to realizing analytics benefits.


The Analytics Mandate

The 2014 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS finds that an analytics culture offers better outcomes.


From Value to Vision: Reimagining the Possible with Data Analytics

The 2013 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS details the emergence of Analytical Innovators.

Using IoT to Make Cities Smarter

Data-Driven City Management

May 19, 2016 | Michael Fitzgerald

Many major cities recognize the opportunity to improve urban life with data analytics, and are exploring how to use information technologies to develop smarter services and a more sustainable footprint. Amsterdam, which has been working toward becoming a “smart city” for almost 7 years, offers insights into the complexities facing city managers who see the opportunity with data, but must collaborate with a diverse group of stakeholders to achieve their goals. The city’s chief technology officer, Ger Baron, makes it clear that their efforts are still early days: “I can give you the nice stories that we’re doing great stuff with data and information, but we’re very much at a starting point,” he says.

The Internet of Things


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Foundations of Analytics Strategy

The authors of MIT SMR‘s 2016 Data & Analytics Research Report present their findings.


Leveraging Smart Data and Internet of Things to Realize Mass Customization

In an on-demand webinar, Wolfgang Gruel and Frank Piller detail new experiments in personal transportation.


Cognitive Technologies: The Next Step Up for Data and Analytics

This on-demand webinar highlights research from “Only Humans Need Apply: Winners and Losers in the Age of Smart Machines.”


Managing Data in the Age of the Internet of Things

In this webinar, analytics experts discuss the data and analytics opportunities presented by the Internet of Things phenomenon.

Dealing With Disruption

Keep Calm and Manage Disruption

February 22, 2016 | Joshua S. Gans

Disruption can be averted, and many businesses manage through it by beating the new competition, joining them, or waiting them out. “To be sure, facing disruption is no picnic,” writes Joshua S. Gans, author of The Disruption Dilemma. “But it also isn’t the existential threat that so many see it as.” Many businesses are finding ways to weaken disruptive events, sometimes by investing aggressively in the new innovation after entrants had brought it to market or by acquiring the entrants and the actual disruption.


Data & Analytics Interviews

Our interviews with data practitioners from Cathay Pacific airlines, General Mills, Equifax and more explore how organizations are utilizing data for better decision making in the real world. (Click here for more interviews.)


Building a Better Car Company With Analytics

Putting data and analytics to work hasn’t just helped Ford more competitive — it has transformed the company’s processes.


Enough Health Care Data for an Army: The Million Veteran Program

U.S. veterans are helping customize medicine through big data that will unravel the role of genes in health and disease.


Viewing Data as a Liquid Asset

Can data assets be used as currency for financial transactions?


Innovating with Airborne Analytics

Airline Cathay Pacific incorporates data into all its operations to make decision making more efficient. But experience counts, too.


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Data Variety Trumps Volume

Variety, Not Volume, Is Driving Big Data Initiatives

March 28, 2016 | Randy Bean

The past several years have been period of exploration, experimentation, and trial and error in Big Data among Fortune 1,000 companies, and the result has been a different story. For these firms, it is not the ability to process and manage large data volumes that is driving successful Big Data outcomes. Rather, it is the ability to integrate more sources of data than ever before — new data, old data, big data, small data, structured data, unstructured data, social media data, behavioral data, and legacy data. Guest blogger Randy Bean, CEO of NewVantage Partners, explains why the “variety challenge” has emerged as the top data priority.