Fall 1991
Volume 33, Issue # 1


Ten Myths of Managing Managers

  • Read Time: 31 min 

Organizational America is working very hard these days to become more competitive. Few organizations have been spared the necessity of taking serious action to fight increased pressures from home and abroad. The message is clear: either become more competitive or run the risk of going out of business.O


Beefing Up Operations in Service Firms

  • Read Time: 34 min 

A national preoccupation with U.S. international industrial competitiveness, driven by our continuing enormous balance of payments deficit, has tended to focus media and political attention during the 1980s on manufacturing. A torrent of books and articles has inundated business managers, offering guidance on how to improve manufacturing performance.


Interactive Marketing: Exploiting the Age of Addressability

  • Read Time: 27 min 

When AT&T entered the credit card business in March 1990, it had a powerful source of competitive advantage: it knew millions of its prospective customers by name and reputation because they were telephone customers.1