Fall 1994
Volume 36, Issue # 1


Rounding out the Manager’s Job

  • Read Time: 47 min 

Tom Peters tells us that good managers are doers. (Wall Street says they “do deals.”) Michael Porter suggests that they are thinkers. Not so, argue Abraham Zaleznik and Warren Bennis: good managers are really leaders.


Application Templates: Faster, Better, and Cheaper Systems

  • Read Time: 34 min 

In response to increasingly heated global competition, organizations today are undergoing massive transformations in the way they are structured, managed, and operated. In focusing their attention on their customers, many organizations are redesigning business processes to deliver products and services more effectively.


Brand Alliances as Signals of Product Quality

  • Read Time: 33 min 

In 1988, Sunkist received royalties worth $10.3 million by licensing its name for use on such diverse products as soda, candy, and vitamins.Goodyear claims that their tires are the recommended component of Audi and Mercedes automobiles.K


The Evolution of a Global Cash Management System

  • Read Time: 25 min 

Global competition is a general trend, and new types of organizations are emerging to service international markets.1 Companies are coordinating manufacturing, distribution, and marketing strategies on a global scale.


Cultural Transformation at NUMMI

  • Read Time: 51 min 

U.S. automobile manufacturers have begun to heed the wakeup call that sounded more than a decade ago when Japanese automakers cut deeply into American markets.



Measuring and Managing Technological Knowledge

  • Read Time: 35 min 

How much does your organization know? The author defines technical knowledge and provides a framework for mapping and evaluating levels of knowledge. He shows why automation without adequate knowledge leads to disaster and how to manage knowledge in a world of continual organization learning.