Spring 2000
Volume 41, Issue # 3


Building Stronger Brands through Online Communities

  • Read Time: 31 min 

Consumer brand companies need new management skills, and brand managers must understand online behavior if they wish to develop strong, sustainable, and beneficial online communities around their brands.


Cutting Your Losses: Extricating Your Organization When a Big Project Goes Awry

  • Read Time: 36 min 

Executives can become so strongly wedded to a particular project, technology or process that they find themselves continuing with it even when it’s gone well off course. No question, shutting down runaway projects is one of the toughest executive decisions. But by following a four-stage process, managers can stop the cycle of project escalation and stop the flow of money and resources.


Making Business Sense of Environmental Compliance

  • Read Time: 31 min 

Companies lose money because they treat pollution control and plant operations as separate concerns. It costs less in the long run to make environmental and plant managers true partners in finding compliance solutions.


Business Crime: What To Do When the Law Pursues You

  • Research Feature
  • Read Time: 43 min 

U.S. prosecutors are imposing giant fines and imprisoning managers when regulatory compliance problems arise. Know how to protect your company and yourself when a legal crisis hits.


Five Steps to a Dot-Com Strategy: How To Find Your Footing on the Web

  • Read Time: 36 min 

The Internet changes everything — particularly for companies with brick-and-mortar operations, branded products and services, and traditional supplier and customer relationships. The author addresses five key issues confronting such companies: strategic vision, governance, resource deployment, operating infrastructure, and leadership alignment.



Attention, Retailers! How Convenient Is Your Convenience Strategy?

  • Read Time: 31 min 

Consumers favor retailers that save them time and energy. By understanding a retail experience from drive in to check out, you can maximize the speed and ease of shopping and build lasting customer relationships.