Spring 2001
Volume 42, Issue # 3


A Moving Target: The Mobile-Commerce Customer

  • Read Time: 3 min 

Opportunities in mobile commerce abound for any company that thoroughly understands how specific consumers can benefit from collaboratively marketed mobile services.

Why Computer Users Accept New Systems

  • Read Time: 3 min 

A study of factors affecting ease-of-use perceptions indicates that just-in-time training alone won’t win over reluctant computer users.

Better Products

  • Read Time: 4 min 

New Web-based tools could help bring the voice of the customer to every part of the product-development cycle.

The Path to More, Better, Faster

  • Read Time: 2 min 

Baldrige Award–winning manufacturers know how to design and build a high-quality product. However, a skill that even state-of-the-art manufacturers have yet to master is the art of quickly designing many new, high-quality products at once and then building them on the same production line.


The Perils of Trusting Too Much

  • Read Time: 4 min 

Accepting the word of the most reliable, capable people you know is no way to learn from their success.

The Offline Impact of Online Prices

  • Read Time: 2 min 

When competing on price, traditional retailers have more to fear from each other than from online rivals.

Searching for Search Costs

  • Read Time: 4 min 

Search costs — the time and money spent locating the best product at the best price — are a familiar and often unwelcome aspect of everyday life.


The Power of Strategic Integration

  • Read Time: 24 min 

How can multibusiness corporations exploit the opportunities that take full advantage of their capabilities and their potential to pursue new strategies?


Driving Organizational Change in the Midst of Crisis

  • Read Time: 26 min 

The authors” multi-year study of Millstone Nuclear Power Station in Connecticut offers practical lessons for managers who may find themselves trying to implement change in a high-pressure environment. The authors guide readers though the key events, explaining how each generated useful insights and how the defusing of potential crises can be a springboard for change.



Pathways to E-Business Leadership: Getting From Bricks to Clicks

  • Read Time: 27 min 

Why do some bricks-and-mortar companies succeed in harnessing the Web to better serve consumers, generate profits and increase market share? The authors” framework shows that “laggard”


The Limits of Mass Customization

  • Read Time: 20 min 

Is mass customization really the best way to deliver variety to consumers? Managers understand how critical variety is to adding value to their product offerings. And mass customization has been touted as the premier way of achieving that goal.


Six Chasms in Need of Crossing

  • Read Time: 17 min 

In 1991, management consultant and author Geoffrey A. Moore introduced the phrase “crossing the chasm” to the world of high-tech product marketing. His books “Crossing the Chasm” and “Inside the Tornado” subsequently became required reading in high-tech and not-so-high-tech companies alike.T


Decision Making: It’s Not What You Think

  • Read Time: 16 min 

Renowned management thinker Henry Mintzberg and business professor Frances Westley zero in on three ways the best managers make decisions. To hone their decision-making skills, business leaders can start by admitting that real-world decisions are not always made through logical steps — and that often they shouldn‘t be. The authors outline three approaches managers can use to increase their effectiveness and give their companies the competitive edge required in uncertain times.



Linking Actions to Profits in Strategic Decision Making

  • Read Time: 26 min 

The authors have devised a general model that managers can use to link any departmental action to overall corporate profitability. This process forces managers to narrow their strategies to the areas with the highest payoff, shifting attention from a preoccupation with individual performance metrics to an awareness of how those metrics work as a system and how they lead to increased profit and more shareholder value.

Why Debt Can Hurt Corporate Growth

  • Read Time: 3 min 

Research substantiates that incurring debt motivates managers to sacrifice long-term investments in favor of short-term cash flow.