Summer 1992
Volume 33, Issue # 4


Critical IT Issues: The Next Ten Years

  • Read Time: 43 min 

It’s a Monday morning in the year 2000. Executive Joanne Smith gets in her car and voice activates her remote telecommunications access workstation. She requests all voice and mail messages, open and pending, as well as her schedule for the day.


Whose Responsibility is IT Management?

  • Read Time: 18 min 

LINE MANAGERS ARE INCREASINGLY ASSUMING RESPONSIBILTY FOR PLANING, BUILDING, AND RUNNING INFORMATION SYSTEMS THAT AFFECT their operations. This is forcing organizations to evaluate how they allocate IT decision-making responsibilities. This paper describes a conceptual framework and an intervention process that can help firms devise and implement an effective IT management architecture. The authors illustrate their methods with real world examples.


Applying Cost of Quality to a Service Business

  • Read Time: 14 min 

The costs of ensuring good quality and recovering from poor quality have often been found to total 25 percent to 30 percent of sales revenue. No wonder cost of quality (COQ) programs are attractive to senior managers.