Summer 1993
Volume 34, Issue # 4


Six Stages of IT Strategic Management

  • Read Time: 26 min 

The management literature is full of valuable strategic planning methodologies for information technology (IT).1


When Do Private Labels Succeed?

  • Read Time: 29 min 

In 1989, private labels or store brands accounted for 65 percent of sales of frozen green and wax beans and for 25 percent of sales of liquid bleach but for only 1.1 percent of sales of personal deodorants.


A Framework for Managing IT-Enabled Change

  • Read Time: 22 min 

At Vista Elementary School, classrooms look and operate differently from traditional classrooms. Each classroom has five computer terminals for students and a teacher workstation. Students spend fifteen minutes to an hour a day at the terminals, depending on need.


Consulting — Has the Solution Become Part of the Problem?

  • Read Time: 17 min 

Behold the growth of management consulting: industry revenues worldwide grew from $3 billion in 1980 to $22 billion in 1990.1 Expenditures on such services by U.S. companies grew from about $7 billion five years ago to almost $14 billion in 1991.2


Database Marketing: New Rules for Policy and Practice

  • Read Time: 46 min 

Although a relatively recent development, database marketing (DBM) programs are already forcing important choices by companies, consumers, and legislators.



Integrated Manufacturing: Redesign the Organization before Implementing Flexible Technology

  • Read Time: 28 min 

IMAGINE THE FACTORY OF THE FUTURE. WILL COMPUTER-INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING (CIM) SYSTEMS BE ESSENTIAL PARTS OF THAT FACTORY? Perhaps not, argue the authors, because the assumptions underlying computer-integrated manufacturing are seriously flawed. Flexible technology will not address the causes of manufacturing problems; it may simply institutionalize bad practice. Better to address organizational issues first, then apply flexible technologies as a last resort.


Effective Supply Chain Management

  • Read Time: 32 min 

In a time of shortening product life cycles, complex corporate joint ventures and stiffening requirements for customer service, Hewlett-Packard reconsidered its supply-chain management and developed a framework for addressing uncertainty. The author describes several cases in which entire product families were reevaluated in a supply-chain context to impressive effect.


Prioritizing Marketing Image Goals under Resource Constraints

  • Read Time: 16 min 

Image assessment and enhancement are essential strategic management tools. Managers must be able to assess their company’s current image or reputation in the marketplace and improve it.