Summer 1998
Volume 39, Issue # 4


Strategic Intent for IT Outsourcing

  • Research Feature
  • Read Time: 37 min 

Three objectives — improving IS, enhancing business performance, and generating new revenue — that can help a company assess outsourcing.


Manage Your Information as a Product

  • Research Feature
  • Read Time: 24 min 

Companies must understand their customers’ needs, appoint a manager to oversee the production of high-quality information, and recognize that information is not just a byproduct.


Market Management to Transform the IT Organization

  • Research Feature
  • Read Time: 23 min 

In recent years, there have been calls and prescriptions for business transformation.1 There has also been growing pressure for radical change in how the IT function is organized and managed. Rockart et al. captured the consequences of an agenda for reform in the IT function, and Cross et al.



A Leveraged Learning Network

  • Research Feature
  • Read Time: 31 min 

How Allen Bradley Canada and its suppliers collaborated and learned from each other through shared resources and experiences.


Planning for Product Platforms

  • Research Feature
  • Read Time: 28 min 

A platform is a collection of components, processes, knowledge, people, and relationships shared by a set of products, allowing companies to efficiently develop differentiated products and to better meet customer needs. The authors describe the benefits and challenges of platform planning, presenting three underlying ideas, a method for planning a new product platform, and recommendations for managing the process.