Summer 2005
Volume 46, Issue # 4


In Search of the Next “Killer App”

  • Opinion & Analysis
  • Read Time: 3 min 

He probably wouldn’t, but Robert Taylor could lay claim to being the best-ever manager of innovation. In the late 1960s, Taylor headed the office at the Advanced Research Projects Agency that oversaw implementation of the first four nodes of the Internet.


How Acquisitions Can Revitalize Companies

  • Research Feature
  • Read Time: 17 min 

Although most companies undertake acquisitions with an eye toward fueling growth, the resulting infusion of new ideas, perspectives and processes can produce lasting benefits that are broader and deeper.


Competitive Cognition

  • Opinion & Analysis
  • Read Time: 10 min 

The term “competitive cognition” refers to the framework with which a manager organizes and retains knowledge about competitors and directs information acquisition and usage. It is the process by which managers make sense of the market environments in which they compete.



Tapping Into the Underground

  • Opinion & Analysis
  • Read Time: 12 min 

Companies typically have antagonistic relationships with hackers, “modders” and others who alter their products, but is there a way to work with — instead of against — such underground innovators?


The Art of Making Change Initiatives Stick

  • Research Feature
  • Read Time: 27 min 

Too many managers have experienced this scenario: The chief executive announces a bold new corporate initiative aimed at generating dramatic performance improvements. The initiative calls for sweeping changes in the company’s processes, systems and culture. The launch proceeds with great fanfare and a substantial investment of the company’s resources.


Managing Internal Corporate Venturing Cycles

  • Research Feature
  • Read Time: 25 min 

Companies too often vacillate in their commitment to internal corporate venturing activities, leading to less than optimal outcomes. Executives need to better understand — and manage — the factors that drive cyclicality in internal corporate venturing.



The Decline and Dispersion of Marketing Competence

  • Research Feature
  • Read Time: 26 min 

In many organizations, the corporate marketing function has lost budget, head count, influence and confidence, resulting in strategic consequences that run deeper than many senior managers may realize. The question is not how to rebuild the marketing center, but how to disperse marketing competenceacross the organization.


When Marketing Practices Raise Antitrust Concerns

  • Read Time: 30 min 

Many common marketing activities are coming under greater scrutiny from regulators, lawyers and scholars. Companies are scrambling to figure out how that will affect competition.