Winter 1989
Volume 30, Issue # 2


Accounting for Continuous Improvement

  • Read Time: 26 min 

IN 1981 THE PORTABLES DIVISION of Tektronix faced a problem that is familiar to many U.S. companies; the Japanese had entered Portables’ market for electronic meaurement instruments, creating intense competitive pressures. The Japanese priced their products substantially below the prevailing market.


The Marketing Audit Comes of Age

  • Read Time: 42 min 

COMPARING THE MARKETING strategies and tactics of business units today with those often years ago, the most striking impression is one of marketing strategy obsolescence. Ten years ago U.S. automobile companies were gearing up for their second postwar race to produce the largest car with the highest horsepower.


IT in the 1990s: Managing Organizational Interdependence

  • Read Time: 26 min 

FOR THE PAST TWO DECADES, the question of what impact information technology (IT) will have on business organizations has continued to puzzle academics and practitioners alike.