Winter 1990
Volume 31, Issue # 2


Investment in Technology — The Service Sector Sinkhole?

  • Read Time: 13 min 

INVESTMENTS IN SERVICE sector technology have perhaps been less carefully monitored than have those in manufacturing sector technology. This paper analyzes the reasons for service-sector technology’s sometimes disappointing performance and proposes a systematic approach to technology investment planning and implementation.


Proactive Environmental Management: Avoiding the Toxic Trap

  • Read Time: 31 min 

A BANK. FORECLOSED on a loan and took control of a small piece of real estate. The .property was later found to be contaminated with hazardous wastes and, after a long-drawn-out court case, the bank was held liable for half a million dollars.T


Technology in Services: Rethinking Strategic Focus

  • Read Time: 23 min 

SERVICE TECHNOLOGIES are not just revolutionizing internal organizational configurations. They are restructuring whole industries'—and nations'—entire competitive postures. Service technologies now provide sufficient scale economies, flexibility, efficiency, and specialization potentials that outside vendors can supply many important corporate functions at greatly enhanced value and lower cost.


Technology in Services: Creating Organizational Revolutions

  • Read Time: 36 min 

SOME AUTHORS, AND EVEN SOME popular journals, have noted examples of the radical new organizational forms now emerging. The first article in our SMR double feature illuminates the technological and services bases of these changes — and examines how to manage them successfully. (The second feature immediately follows.) Both articles build on the authors’ earlier works published by Sloan Management Review, Scientific American, and the National Academy Press.