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New in Data & Analytics


Rise of the Strategy Machines

Frontiers |

While humans may be ahead of computers in the ability to create strategy today, we shouldn’t be complacent about our dominance.


Improving Analytics Capabilities Through Crowdsourcing

Open-innovation platforms, used thoughtfully, can expand a company’s access to analytics talent.


Do You Know What Really Drives Your Business’s Performance?

Performance topology maps offer managers a signpost pointing toward smarter strategies.



MIT SMR’s Global Research on Analytics


Beyond the Hype: The Hard Work Behind Analytics Success

The 2016 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS finds that competitive advantage from analytics is declining.


The Talent Dividend

The 2015 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS finds that talent management is critical to realizing analytics benefits.


The Analytics Mandate

The 2014 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS finds that an analytics culture offers better outcomes.


From Value to Vision: Reimagining the Possible with Data Analytics

The 2013 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS details the emergence of Analytical Innovators.

Data Diversity

Variety, Not Volume, Is Driving Big Data Initiatives

March 28, 2016 | Randy Bean

The past several years have been period of exploration, experimentation, and trial and error in Big Data among Fortune 1,000 companies, and the result has been a different story. For these firms, it is not the ability to process and manage large data volumes that is driving successful Big Data outcomes. Rather, it is the ability to integrate more sources of data than ever before — new data, old data, big data, small data, structured data, unstructured data, social media data, behavioral data, and legacy data. Guest blogger Randy Bean, CEO of NewVantage Partners, explains why the “variety challenge” has emerged as the top data priority.

The Internet of Things

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On-Demand Webinars and Videos


Internet of Things and Product Design

A webinar from MIT SMR covers how IoT is changing the way companies can think about what their customers want and how to design the products they need.


Foundations of Analytics Strategy

The authors of MIT SMR‘s 2016 Data & Analytics Research Report present their findings.


Leveraging Smart Data and Internet of Things to Realize Mass Customization

In an on-demand webinar, Wolfgang Gruel and Frank Piller detail new experiments in personal transportation.


Cognitive Technologies: The Next Step Up for Data and Analytics

This on-demand webinar highlights research from “Only Humans Need Apply: Winners and Losers in the Age of Smart Machines.”


Managing a Data-Centric Workplace


Analytics Experimentation

How to Make Data Experiments Powerful

July 19, 2016 | Sam Ransbotham

Experiments can be powerful mechanisms for managers to gain insights that deepen their intuition, especially when the organization has unique data.