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Featured Global Business Articles


The Perils of Attention From Headquarters

Visits from corporate headquarters to operations in markets such as China are often seen as unproductive.


Asia Pulp & Paper and Greenpeace: Building New Directions, Together

An unexpected partnership emerged when Asia Pulp negotiated with Greenpeace.


Creating More Resilient Supply Chains

By planning for disruption from natural disasters, Cisco Systems improved its supply chain resilience.


Customer Service for the Global Traveler

Reimagining Customer Service at KLM Using Facebook and Twitter

April 30, 2014 | Martijn van der Zee (KLM), interviewed by Gerald C. (Jerry) Kane

For KLM, social business arose as a spontaneous response to the Icelandic volcanic eruption that spewed ash into Europe’s airspace for days, halting all air travel and stranding thousands of passengers. Since the abrupt birth of the airlines’ social business strategy, e-commerce senior vice president Martijn van der Zee has made the company a model for using social in customer service.


Weighing Outsourcing vs. Reshoring

Companies around the world weigh the advantages and disadvantages of keeping operations geographically close to home. These three articles offer three perspectives on how to think about global operations.


The Outsourcing Compulsion

The colonization of American manufacturing by distributors has pushed U.S. companies overseas.


Special Report: Business in China


What’s Next for the Chinese Economy?

After a period of remarkable growth, China now faces substantial economic and political challenges.


Innovation Lessons From China

China is becoming the best place to learn how to make ideas commercially viable.


Accelerated Innovation: The New Challenge From China

Chinese companies are reengineering new product development in ways that reduce lead times.


Protecting Intellectual Property in China

Companies doing business in China need to manage their intellectual property vulnerabilities proactively.