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Featured Global Business Articles


Asia Pulp & Paper and Greenpeace: Building New Directions, Together

Asia Pulp’s Aida Greenbury describes the unexpected partnership that emerged when her company sat down to negotiate with Greenpeace.


Do-It-Yourself Leadership Training in China

In China, demand for skilled business managers exceeds supply. Can leadership self-development programs address that gap?


Creating More Resilient Supply Chains

By planning for disruption from natural disasters, Cisco Systems improved its supply chain resilience.


Tomorrow’s Global Leaders: Jacks of All Trades

Are Companies Ready for the New Global Executive?

December 9, 2013 | Leslie Brokaw

HR executives believe that tomorrow’s leaders will need to be more diverse than today’s and that there are special challenges to that need. A survey of 197 human resource executives from global companies finds that “leaders from highly diverse backgrounds will need to work together more effectively.” The challenge is that diverse groups often have more disagreements than homogeneous groups, demanding proactive skill development in group dynamics.


Global Strategy: Moving Beyond Home Base

To create and sustain a global competitive advantage, companies need a systematic approach to how they enhance, renew and transcend their home-based sources of advantage.