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Featured Global Business Articles


Developing Effective Intellectual Property Partnerships

There are five options for structuring intellectual property partnerships, ranging from licensing to joint ventures.


How Global Is Your C-Suite?

National diversity of top management should be a topic of conversation for boards of directors.


The New Mission for Multinationals

Across a broad swath of industries, multinationals are losing ground in emerging markets to local players.


Decision Making At Hong Kong’s Leading Airline

Innovating with Airborne Analytics

June 30, 2015 | Joe Locandro (Cathay Pacific), interviewed by David Kiron

Hong Kong’s premier airline is using a blend of data and know-how to guide its daily operations. In an interview with MIT Sloan Management Review, Cathay Pacific CIO Joe Locandro describes how the airline uses analytics to make decisions that balance data with what it knows from the field. “Analytics will give you statistical spreads, give you training, but you still need to have this thing called experience and insight,” he says.


Communicating Globally

How are companies that have employees and customers around the world keeping track, staying in touch, and managing their teams?


Reading Global Clients’ Signals

Big data analysis can help geographically distributed companies monitor customer satisfaction.


Managing the Human Cloud

Tapping a virtual, on-demand workforce requires new management models and skills.


How to Evaluate New Markets

Building Your Company’s Capabilities Through Global Expansion

October 25, 2012 | Donald Lessard, Rafael Lucea and Luis Vives

Today, the task of the global strategist involves not only identifying where to leverage a company’s strength but also how to enhance and renew its capabilities. The experience of many global companies suggests that expensive mistakes are often made when companies don’t ask key questions before making internationalization decisions. By better understanding their own competitive advantages and how they might fit into or complement a new market, companies can improve their chances of success.

International Talent Management


Six Principles of Effective Global Talent Management

Companies that are successful at global talent management subscribe to six key principles.


The Perils of Attention From Headquarters

Visits from corporate headquarters to operations in markets such as China are often seen as unproductive.


At Amadeus, Finding Data Science Talent Is Just the Beginning

A company that wants to successfully use analytics needs to make sure its data scientists are fully integrated into business units.


Bringing Fun and Creativity to Work

Team-based contests that draw on creativity and collaboration skills can build motivation in employees.