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Featured Innovation Articles


Navigating the Leadership Challenges of Innovation Ecosystems

Frontiers |

When a group of industry leaders work together to find new solutions and products, who’s in charge?


The Shifts — Great and Small — in Workplace Automation

Frontiers |

Human labor isn’t going away, but automation may greatly affect the quality of available jobs.


How to Succeed with Radical Innovation

Highly capable firms are often reluctant to take risks, but they have much to gain if they try to innovate.


Creativity and Idea Generation

Open access brought to you by PwC-90

Innovation starts with great ideas. Open access to these three MIT Sloan Management Review articles about the idea-generation process is provided courtesy of PwC.


The Discipline of Creativity

Managers can’t afford to rely on haphazard, hit-or-miss approaches to idea generation.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Spigoo.

Is Your Company Choosing the Best Innovation Ideas?

Generating good innovation proposals from within the ranks of the organization is only the beginning. The more difficult part is creating a selection process that identifies which ideas to implement.


Limiting Risk in Innovation


Finding a Lower-Risk Path to High-Impact Innovations

High-impact innovations have built-in uncertainty — but careful strategizing can reduce the risk.


How to Make Data Experiments Powerful

The most effective data experiments augment managerial intuition and exploit unique data.


Navigating the Patent Minefield Through Consortia

Tech consortia help reduce patent risk, but managers must weigh the pros and cons for innovation.


The Discipline of Creativity

Managers can’t afford to rely on haphazard, hit-or-miss approaches to idea generation.

Analytics Innovation

Improving Analytics Capabilities Through Crowdsourcing

June 13, 2016 | Joseph Byrum and Alpheus Bingham

Analytics capabilities can greatly expand a company’s ability to innovate — but what do you do when the talent you need just isn’t available? Agribusiness giant Syngenta, faced with an insurmountable analytics talent bottleneck, turned to crowdsourcing. Using a series of contests, it outsourced the development of a set of award-winning analytics tools to improve its decision making — and learned, in the process, some key factors supporting successful crowdsourcing.

Innovations in Human Resource Management


Achieving Meritocracy in the Workplace

New research shows bias exists even in merit-based systems — but a data-centric approach can help.


‘People Analytics’ Through Super-Charged ID Badges

Humanyze helps interpret social data so that businesses can identify the best collaborative practices of the most effective people.


Reinventing Employee Onboarding

Employee orientation practices that focus on individual identity can lower employee turnover.


When Innovation Meets the Language of the Corner Office

What are the most effective ways to communicate the process and output of innovation to executives?

Innovation Leadership

The Power of Asking Pivotal Questions

Asking the right questions can help you broaden your perspective — and make smarter decisions.

Conversation with the CEO: Pierre Nanterme, Chairman and CEO, Accenture

Frontiers |

Accenture’s Chief Executive on the challenges of leading in a world that’s almost impossible to predict.