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Featured Innovation Articles


How to Tee Up Choices: The Upside of Default Rules

How much choice do people really want? Default rules, which establish decision-making starting points, can help.


Mastering the ‘Name Your Product Category’ Game

The ideal window of opportunity to enter a new industry starts when a dominant category label is introduced.


Embrace Your Ignorance

The overconfidence of presumed expertise is counterproductive. Instead, data trumps intuition.


New Product Development: A Need For Speed

Accelerated Innovation: The New Challenge From China

April 23, 2014 | Peter J. Williamson and Eden Yin

Chinese companies are opening up a new front in global competition. It centers on what the authors call accelerated innovation — that is, reengineering research and development and innovation processes to make new product development dramatically faster and less costly. The new emphasis is unlikely to generate stunning technological breakthroughs, but it allows Chinese competitors to reduce the time it takes to bring innovative products and services to mainstream markets. It also represents a different way of deploying Chinese cost and volume advantages in global competition.


Strategies in New Product Development

For many companies, developing new products is hit-or-miss. These articles highlight strategies and processes that are working.


Organizing R&D for the Future

The art of collaboration is one that many research and development organizations have yet to master.


Innovation Lessons From China

China is becoming the best place to learn how to make ideas commercially viable.


Business Model Innovation


Adapting to the Sharing Economy

New strategies are helping companies embrace “collaborative consumption” and the "sharing economy."


How to Win With a Multisided Platform Business Model

What does it take to set up a platform where many constituencies can do business?


Strategic Choices in Converging Industries

How can companies protect themselves when industries converge?


Optimizing Your Digital Business Model

If you lack a good digital business model, your customers may leave you behind.