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Featured Innovation Articles


Mastering the ‘Name Your Product Category’ Game

The ideal window of opportunity to enter a new industry starts when a dominant category label is introduced.


Embrace Your Ignorance

The overconfidence of presumed expertise is counterproductive. Instead, data trumps intuition.


To Conserve Water for Agriculture, a Solution from the Desert

For farmers, maintaining adequate water for their crops is a key challenge in a changing climate.


The Business Model Every Company Needs

How to Revitalize Your Digital Business Model

November 22, 2013 | Michael Fitzgerald

What should a company do if its digital business model isn’t working very well? Peter Weill, chairman of the MIT Sloan School of Management’s Center for Information Systems Research, has created some principles to revamp the fortunes of a digital business. His framework focuses around three planks: content, experience and platform. Executives should decide which plank offers competitive advantage and develop a world-class version of it online, partnering with others for the other two planks.


Strategies in New Product Development

For many companies, developing new products is hit-or-miss. These articles highlight strategies and processes that are working.


Organizing R&D for the Future

The art of collaboration is one that many research and development organizations have yet to master.


Innovation Lessons From China

China is becoming the best place to learn how to make ideas commercially viable.


Human Resources: The Innovation Engine


The Dandelion Principle: Redesigning Work for the Innovation Economy

People who are “different,” behaviorally or neurologically, can add significant value to companies.


How Innovative Is Your Company’s Culture?

A new assessment tool can help executives pinpoint a company’s innovation strengths and weaknesses.


The Art of Strategic Renewal

What does it take to transform an organization before a crisis hits?


Using Open Innovation to Identify the Best Ideas

Which parts of your innovation processes should you open up to the wider world?