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Featured Internet of Things Articles


Internet of Things in Motion: Analytics and Transportation

Industry expert Gerhard Kress discusses how the transportation industry is capitalizing on the opportunities that Internet of Things data offers.


MIT for Managers: What Happens When WiFi Finds You

Our biweekly exploration of new business ideas from the corridors of MIT.


General Motors Relies on IoT to Anticipate Customers' Needs

The success or failure of bringing the IoT into an organization depends on the commitment of its leadership.



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New MIT SMR Case Study: Data-Driven City Management

Data-Driven City Management

May 19, 2016 | Michael Fitzgerald

Many major cities recognize the opportunity to improve urban life with data analytics, and are exploring how to use information technologies to develop smarter services and a more sustainable footprint. Amsterdam, which has been working toward becoming a “smart city” for almost 7 years, offers insights into the complexities facing city managers who see the opportunity with data, but must collaborate with a diverse group of stakeholders to achieve their goals. The city’s chief technology officer, Ger Baron, makes it clear that their efforts are still early days: “I can give you the nice stories that we’re doing great stuff with data and information, but we’re very much at a starting point,” he says.

Interviews: Voices from the Forefront


Will the Internet of Trees Be the Next Game Changer?

Is the forestry industry ready for an industry-specific Internet of Things?


Sensing the Future Before It Occurs

GE global software chief William Ruh discusses the combined power of analytics and sensors.


Data and Devices Bringing Transparency to Energy Use

Energy intelligence software company EnerNOC is helping companies save money and cut back on energy usage.


Gone Fishing — For Data

When it comes to big data, GE avoids warehousing and instead turns to the data lake approach.


Adapting to Build on the IoT

Image courtesy of Flickr user prayitno.

Ready or Not, Here IoT Comes

The Internet of Things is on the brink of transforming business, but most businesses aren’t yet prepared.


Gone Fishing — For Data

When it comes to big data, GE avoids warehousing and instead turns to the data lake approach.

How to Prepare

If You Think Big Data’s Challenges Are Tough Now

Although workers and consumers generate two-thirds of all new data, that’s about to change. Sensors and smart devices — from traffic lights and grocery store scanners to hospital equipment and industrial sensors — are beginning to generate an enormous wave of data that will increase the digital universe ten-fold by 2020. Guest blogger Randy Bean, CEO of NewVantage Partners, explains what this means for executives trying to adapt to a rapidly changing, data-centered business environment.

Hype vs. Reality: A Reality Check on the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has plenty of hype — it’s going to be big, really big — but also plenty of detractors. The naysayers breathily predict everything from the surveillance state to a wrecked economy to people enslaved by machines. Here are nine bits of information to consider, from the way the Internet of Things will create (yet another) battle for control of the Internet, to the fact that the security of the Internet of Things is under fire before it even exists.


Smart Building

MIT for Managers: Can You Afford to Build Green?

April 11, 2016 | Nina Kruschwitz

How much more does it cost to make a building “green”? Most people assume it’s a lot. But John Sterman, MIT Sloan School of Management’s Jay W. Forrester Professor of Management and the director of the MIT System Dynamics Group, says that the premium to build MIT’s LEED-certified Sloan School building has been small. “MIT is a data-driven place,” Sterman says. “You have to make the argument with data before people will act.”