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Featured Marketing Articles


Creating Online Videos That Engage Viewers

The Holy Grail of modern online marketing is video content that “goes viral.” So how does it happen?


Adapting to the Sharing Economy

New strategies are helping companies embrace “collaborative consumption” and the "sharing economy."


Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility to a Cynical Public

Unless companies communicate their CSR achievements wisely, they risk being accused of greenwashing.


Marketing Strategy: The Data Dilemma

Marketing In Five Dimensions

July 28, 2015 | Andy Frawley (Epsilon), interviewed by Sam Ransbotham

Computers, scanners, mobile and wearable technology have made it both easier and harder for companies to find their customers. Easier, because there’s so much more data about consumer behavior; harder, because analyzing that data is a significant challenge (never mind deciding how to act on the analytics). Companies like Epsilon are stepping up to help businesses to figure out what the data tell them about their customers — and what to do with that knowledge. In a Q&A, Epsilon’s CEO Andy Frawley describes some of the challenges his company works through on a daily basis.


Social Media Marketing


Customizing Social Media Marketing

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for social media marketing. Instead, companies need to tailor campaigns to fit their products.


Innovations in Customer Service

Digital marketing and analytics maven Avinash Kaushik once wrote that “80% of the time you/we are wrong about what a customer wants.” These articles explore how companies can do better.


Reading Global Clients’ Signals

Big data analysis can help geographically distributed companies monitor customer satisfaction.


What Unhappy Customers Want

Customers are unsatisfied with complaint handling despite years of effort. A new approach is needed.


Managing Customer Privacy


How Much Data is Too Much Data To Mine?

Consumers want to know when they’re being watched, and have changing expectations about privacy and data mining.


Why Managing Consumer Privacy Can Be an Opportunity

Managing consumer data courteously can be a way to build a good relationship with customers.


How Not to Market on the Web

Ads that complement online content can be effective — but not if they rouse consumers’ privacy concerns.


How Effective Is Location-Targeted Mobile Advertising?

New research shows that mobile advertising targeted to consumers based on their locations can be effective.