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Featured Marketing Articles


Should Employees Be Encouraged to Tweet?

Companies that want employees to be stewards of the brand should trust them to represent the organization well on social media.


Mastering the ‘Name Your Product Category’ Game

The ideal window of opportunity to enter a new industry starts when a dominant category label is introduced.


The Case for ‘Benevolent’ Mobile Apps

Smartphone apps that provide consumers with helpful information can improve users’ trust in a brand.



Picking the Right Social Platforms

Simplifying the Enterprise Social Media Landscape

February 3, 2015 | Gerald C. Kane

Social media platforms provide two key capabilities in the enterprise context — managing networks and sharing digital content. The problem is, with multitudes of platforms available — and features changing daily! — it’s hard to pick among them. Blogger Gerald C. Kane outlines a simple method for making optimal decisions about which social media platforms an enterprise should use.

Gaining New Insights About Your Customers

How well do you really understand your customers -- and their relationship to your business? These articles offer insights on both of those topics.


Reading Global Clients’ Signals

Big data analysis can help geographically distributed companies monitor customer satisfaction.


What Unhappy Customers Want

Customers are unsatisfied with complaint handling despite years of effort. A new approach is needed.


Is the Price Right?


Will Customers Be Fair When They Pay-As-They-Wish?

Organizations can encourage customers to be fair so that freeloaders won’t ruin pay-as-you-wish pricing.


Is It Time to Rethink Your Pricing Strategy?

Almost any business can improve its pricing performance, if it broaches pricing in a structured way.


How to Win a Price War

It’s possible for a company to win a price war by leveraging a specific set of strategic capabilities.


Why the Highest Price Isn’t the Best Price

Organizations can pick price points that provide both profits and long-term value to suppliers.