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Featured Marketing Articles


How to Tee Up Choices: The Upside of Default Rules

How much choice do people really want? Default rules, which establish decision-making starting points, can help.


The Easy Industry Research Hardly Anybody Uses

Before introducing a new product to an emerging industry, companies should track the evolution of its category labels.


How to Win in an Omnichannel World

To thrive in today’s retail environment means reexamining how both information and products are delivered.



Where Should Your Company Be Online ?

Simplifying the Enterprise Social Media Landscape

February 3, 2015 | Gerald C. Kane

Social media platforms provide two key capabilities in the enterprise context — managing networks and sharing digital content. The problem is, with multitudes of platforms available — and features changing daily! — it’s hard to pick among them. Blogger Gerald C. Kane outlines a simple method for making optimal decisions about which social media platforms an enterprise should use.

Understanding Your Customers

Smart companies know they should be focused on identifying and retaining the best customers for their business. These articles explore how that's done.


Mobile Apps That Build Brand Trust

The Case for ‘Benevolent’ Mobile Apps

December 4, 2014 | Glen L. Urban and Fareena Sultan

Smartphone apps that provide consumers with helpful information — instead of simply pushing product sales — can improve users’ preference for a company. As well, mobile apps that are about useful information, what the authors call “benevelance,” can significantly impact sales at a low cost and thus improve profitability. “A benevolent app can build trust, which in turn can lead people to consider purchasing your product,” write authors Glen L. Urban and Fareena Sultan.

Marketing Through Social Media


Should Employees Be Encouraged to Tweet?

Companies that want employees to be stewards of the brand should trust them to represent the organization well on social media.


Customizing Social Media Marketing

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for social media marketing. Instead, companies need to tailor campaigns to fit their products.


Rejuvenating a Brand Through Social Media

Nestlé UK had customers vote for a new candy bar flavor — and increased customer engagement.


Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Matter

Social media isn’t enough anymore to give businesses a lift — unless they use it to innovate.