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Featured Marketing Articles


The Power of Consumer Stories in Digital Marketing

Sharing consumers’ positive stories about a brand can be a highly effective marketing strategy.


Beyond Viral: Generating Sustainable Value From Social Media

Frontiers |

Why hasn’t the proliferation of social media resulted in long-lasting social and business change?


Which Features Increase Customer Retention?

Product features designed to attract new customers differ from features that retain customers.


Data-Driven Sales and Marketing

How Analytics and AI Are Driving the Subscription E-Commerce Phenomenon

December 6, 2016 | Jay I. Sinha, Thomas Foscht, and Thomas T. Fung

Box subscription companies are growing dramatically, using a high level of personalization and artificial intelligence algorithms to keep customers satisfied and eager for more. Their astute use of social media and influence marketing has also contributed to their startling success.

Developing an Informed Marketing Strategy

Do You Know What Really Drives Your Business’s Performance?

Although intuitively appealing, strategy maps and models such as the service profit chain have a common pitfall: They encourage managers to embrace general assumptions about the drivers of financial performance that may not stand up to close scrutiny in their own organizations. A more rigorous analytic approach called performance topology mapping may help managers avoid these assumptions, as well as the strategic mistakes they promote.

Why Great New Products Fail

Many innovative new products don’t succeed. One common reason: Companies don’t focus on understanding how customers make purchase decisions. But paying attention to how customers search for information about what to buy, and how they make guesses about details they can’t easily find, helps predict whether customers will embrace certain product innovations. Companies need to focus on innovations that customers will easily recognize or find ways to alert them to innovations they may not detect on their own.



Selling with Social Media


How We Sell Our Attention

Internet-enabled mobile devices have fundamentally changed marketing — and personal privacy.


When Employees Don’t ‘Like’ Their Employers on Social Media

For companies, the social media behavior of employees represents both an opportunity and a risk.


Can Social Media Cultivate Long-Term Loyalty?

If your brand is on Instagram or other social media platforms, your current followers are likely also your future customers.


Why the Hot Market Isn’t Always Best

The Advantages of Entering a Not-So-Hot Market

April 7, 2017 | Martha E. Mangelsdorf

“Hot” market segments that appear to have significant future growth potential are appealing for obvious reasons. But new research finds that technology entrepreneurs and the investors who back them often do better if they identify winning strategies in markets that aren’t hot.

Reaching a Global Customer Base

Mastering the Market Intelligence Challenge

Multinationals need to start viewing market intelligence as a strategic asset in emerging markets.

The New Mission for Multinationals

Across a broad swath of industries, multinationals are losing ground in emerging markets to local players.

Engaging With Startups in Emerging Markets

Partnering with emerging-market startups is easier if four key factors can be addressed.

Developing New Products in Emerging Markets

A successful innovation developed by Cisco’s R&D unit in India offers practical insights.