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Featured Operations Articles


Mastering the Make-in-India Challenge

Some multinationals have a winning India strategy that involves both local and global value chains.


Supply Chains Built for Speed and Customization

Frontiers |

Thanks to technologies like 3-D printing, a new supply chain model is emerging.


The Big Squeeze: How Compression Threatens Old Industries

Accelerating compression of both revenues and profits in some businesses can be fatal, and fast.


Structuring Your Operations Management

The Importance of Structured Management Practices

April 18, 2017 | Nicholas Bloom, Erik Brynjolfsson, Megha Patnaik, Itay Saporta-Eksten, and John Van Reenen

New research suggests that a particular set of management practices, which the authors call structured management, is tightly linked to performance and success. For instance, consistent hiring, performance review, and incentive practices are as important to productivity as research and development investments, and more than twice as important as IT implementation. The research shows that manufacturing plants using more structured management practices have higher productivity and profitability.

Should Your Business Go (or Stay) Global?

Revisiting the Logic of Being Global

The state of the multinational and how “the world is losing its taste for global businesses” is the subject of a recent cover story in The Economist titled “The Retreat of the Global Company.” For many multinationals, the article notes, the case for global integration has been hurt by falling profits, lower returns on capital, and increasing pressures from governments looking to protect local jobs and tax revenue.

Harnessing the Best of Globalization

Globalization offers significant opportunities, yet most companies approach key decisions haphazardly. Although the complexity of globalization means managers rarely can fully analyze a global business opportunity before they need to act, the basic tensions in global business models are straightforward. A simple analysis of global ventures along these dimensions can help entrepreneurs develop clearer expectations and decision-making processes.



Quality and Service


How Technology Impacts Operations


In the Hotel Industry, Digital Has Made Itself Right at Home

Moving to a digital business model altered Marriott’s culture in unexpected ways.


Choosing Scope Over Focus

Frontiers |

New digital technologies are changing the rules of competition by expanding the boundaries of what a company can handle and introducing new sources of advantage.


How Blockchain Will Change Organizations

Frontiers |

Blockchain technology offers a way to transfer not just information, but value.


Predicting a Future Where the Future Is Routinely Predicted

Frontiers |

AI’s value for managers lies in its ability to predict equipment failures and assess human emotions.

Designing Distribution Networks

It Takes More Than Math to Design a Distribution Network

February 24, 2017 | Tausif Bashir and Shardul Phadnis

Research carried out at the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) shows that supplementing mathematical models with analyses of external variables enables companies to develop the most efficient distribution networks.