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Featured Operations Articles


The Long-Tail Strategy for IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing has emerged as an important strategic tool for acquiring cutting-edge innovation.


Flourishing in the Face of Supply Chain Disruption

In a webinar, researchers from The Ohio State University show how resilient enterprises adapt to supply chain turbulence.


How Customers View Self-Service Technologies

Customers want employee interaction, convenience, and fast transactions in their self-service technology.


Retail’s Blurred Boundaries

How to Win in an Omnichannel World

September 16, 2014 | David R. Bell, Santiago Gallino and Antonio Moreno

Retail customers now readily use both online and offline retail channels. To thrive in this new environment, retailers need to reexamine their strategies for delivering information and products. Companies that are successful at navigating the omnichannel environment take a customer perspective and view the activities of the company through two core functions: information and fulfillment. They also consider hybrid online-offline approaches, including inventory-only showrooms and “buy online, pick up in store” options.


What Successful Project Managers Do

Successful project managers often combine elements of traditional and agile approaches to project management.

Strategies in Project Management

Reducing Unwelcome Surprises in Project Management

A project’s “unknown unknowns” can be reduced through both product design approaches and behavioral approaches.

How Executive Sponsors Influence Project Success

The role of project sponsors is often overlooked, but actively engaged executives are crucial to a project’s success.


The Quality Conundrum


Should Your Business Be Less Productive?

In service businesses, there is often a trade-off between productivity and customer satisfaction.


The High Price of Customer Satisfaction

Misguided attempts to improve satisfaction can damage a company’s financial health.


Analyzing Performance in Service Organizations

Balanced benchmarking helps companies test their assumptions about service productivity.


How to Drive Customer Satisfaction

Product selection is one of six significant drivers of customer satisfaction for e-retailers.

When Does Outsourcing Make Sense?


Should You Outsource Analytics?

Outsourcing analytics can offer benefits, but it requires a carefully constructed relationship.


Managing the Human Cloud

Tapping a virtual, on-demand workforce requires new management models and skills.


Building a Shared Vision

The Question Every Project Team Should Answer

September 11, 2013 | by Karen A. Brown, Nancy Lea Hyer and Richard Ettenson

Many projects fail because they are launched without a clearly articulated reason why they’re being pursued. Without a clear vision, a project team can become overwhelmed by conflict and confusion. Exploring the four dimensions of a compelling “why statement” can improve a project’s chances of success. Karen A. Brown, Nancy Lea Hyer and Richard Ettenson explain those four dimensions.