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Featured Strategy Articles


Competing With Ordinary Resources

Not every company needs to be built around a strong brand, exceptional talent or exclusive technology.


Are You Ready For the Certainty of the Unknown?

Companies and individuals will need to embrace impermanence and continual reconfiguring in “the remix era.”


Sustaining an Analytics Advantage

Companies that are experienced in using analytics successfully offer five lessons for corporate leaders.


Creating a New Strategic Narrative

Beyond Forecasting: Creating New Strategic Narratives

September 16, 2014 | Sarah Kaplan and Wanda Orlikowski

In rapidly changing industries, it can be hard for established companies to build momentum for new strategic directions. But by rethinking the past and present and reimagining the future, managers can construct strategic narratives that enable innovation. A new study helps to understand how managers actually make strategy in conditions of considerable uncertainty, and do it in a way that is coherent, plausible and acceptable to most key stakeholders in the organization.


Executing Strategic Vision

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To turn strategic thinking into successful action means developing ways to push new ideas, beliefs, and visions forward. Open access to this group of MIT Sloan Management Review articles on strategic thinking and execution is provided courtesy of the Strategic Thinking Institute.

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How Strategic Is Your Board?

Strategic thinking by corporate boards is more important than ever for business survival.

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The Opportunity Paradox

How can managers best meet the challenge of capturing new growth opportunities?


Strategies for the Sharing Economy

Adapting to the Sharing Economy

December 16, 2014 | Kurt Matzler, Viktoria Veider and Wolfgang Kathan

Instead of buying and owning products, consumers are increasingly interested in leasing and sharing them. New strategies can help companies embrace this “collaborative consumption.” For instance, Ikea and Patagonia have found that helping people resell or give away products both enhances the companies' reputations and helps customers create space in their homes for new Ikea and Patagonia items. Companies have also found value in embracing opportunities to share existing assets and capacities.

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Closing the Gap Between Strategy and Execution

In fast-paced industries, companies should think of strategy as an iterative loop. Author Donald N. Sull draws on his study of dozens of companies in volatile markets to outline a strategy loop framework with four essential steps.

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The Strategic Thinking Institute brings you a free MIT Sloan Management Review article on executing strategy in fast-paced industries.

Making Better Decisions

Business executives have access to far more data than any previous generation of managers, and that transforms the way many decisions are made. How can managers get to better decision making?


Why You Decide the Way You Do

Six scholarly articles offer intriguing insights into factors that can affect the decision-making process.


When Consensus Hurts the Company

Research offers insights into when trying to reach consensus is the right course, and when it isn’t.