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Featured Strategy Articles


What You Need to Know Before Starting a Platform Business

Frontiers |

There’s probably never been a better time for platform businesses. But they aren’t easy to launch.


The Big Squeeze: How Compression Threatens Old Industries

Accelerating compression of both revenues and profits in some businesses can be fatal, and fast.


Harnessing the Secret Structure of Innovation

Innovation success is the result of a deliberate search using key information signals.


Competing Through Joint Innovation

Even as multinationals struggle to make inroads in emerging markets, companies from those markets are finding ways to compete in Europe and the U.S. A case in point is Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications company, which has used strategic partnerships to gain ground in Europe. Huawei’s overseas expansion closely resembles the strategy the company used to build its position in China: Start at the perimeter and work toward the center.

Strategies for Effective Teamwork

When Strategy Walks Out the Door

Companies that overlook their employees as sources of strategic insight may find themselves losing talent — and key ideas.

Embracing a Strategic Paradox

If handled well, conflicting demands in a business can be sources of creativity and opportunity.



Developing Strategy Within the Business

The Flare and Focus of Successful Futurists

Any organization intent on surviving and thriving into the future must follow a disciplined approach to “flaring” and “focusing,” as it alternates between broadly imagining and vigorously challenging the possibilities.

Building a More Intelligent Enterprise

The authors examine how managers can combine a sophisticated understanding of human decision making with technology-enabled insights to make smarter choices in the face of uncertainty and complexity. Integrating the two streams of knowledge is not easy, but once management teams learn how to blend them, the advantages can be substantial.


Adapting to Digital Disruption


The End of Focus: A New Wave of Manufacturers Will Choose Scope Over Scale

New digital technologies are changing the rules of competition by expanding the boundaries of what a company can handle and introducing new sources of advantage.


Three Meaningful Strategies for Managing Rapid Change

Faced with rapid global, social, and marketplace changes, companies need effective ways to adapt.


The Right Response to Digital Disruption

Companies with bold strategies in response to digitization will come out as winners.


Boards and Governance

The Downside to Full Board Independence

Accounting scandals led to more independent corporate boards, but this trend has financial costs.

In Boardrooms, the Same Is a Shame

To limit risk, boards should take a tough, honest look at why the C–suite has so little diversity.

How Strategic Is Your Board?

Strategic thinking by corporate boards is more important than ever for business survival.

Bringing Opportunity Oversight Onto the Board’s Agenda

Boards need to monitor not only a company’s risks but also its ability to generate opportunities.

Tailoring Your Strategy to Global Markets

Mastering the Market Intelligence Challenge

December 5, 2016 | Murali D.R. Chari, Kimberlee Luce, and Inder Thukral

A shortage of reliable information is common in emerging markets. Because such markets are heterogeneous, the sources and methods for market intelligence require modification before they can be transferred from one emerging market to another. Market intelligence is thus best viewed and managed as a strategic asset that multinationals should invest in keeping up to date.