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Featured Strategy Articles


Going Mobile: The Personalized, On-Demand Future of Urban Transportation

Frontiers |

The transportation industry faces fundamental disruption as vehicle ownership yields to on-demand mobility.


Turning Strategy Into Results

How can leaders translate strategic complexity into simple and flexible guidelines that get results?


Six Reasons Why Companies Should Start Sharing Their Long-Term Thinking With Investors

Companies should be more forthcoming about long-term value-creation strategies when communicating with investors.


Strategic Priorities: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Strategic priorities are most effective when they meet a specific set of criteria. Our interactive tool lets you assess real-world strategic priorities of actual companies and compare your conclusions to the authors’ assessments.

What Makes a Digital Strategy Effective?


Developing an Innovation Strategy

Harnessing the Secret Structure of Innovation

Innovation, much like marketing and human resources, can be made less reliant on artful intuition by using information in new ways. But this requires a change in perspective: We need to view innovation not as the product of luck or extraordinary vision but as the result of a deliberate search process.

Creating Better Innovation Measurement Practices

Finding the right metrics to track innovation is by no means straightforward. To steer clear of common mistakes, executives need a holistic perspective on their company’s innovation process.


Focus on Platform-based Business Models


For a Return on Platform Investment, Focus on New Capabilities

Developing new capabilities is the key to platform innovation that adds value to an organization.


All Platforms Are Not Equal

Frontiers |

Why Airbnb will always be a better business than Uber.


What You Need to Know Before Starting a Platform Business

Frontiers |

There’s probably never been a better time for platform businesses. But they aren’t easy to launch.


Platform Sprawl Leaves No Industry Behind

Platforms are rapidly becoming an essential part of doing business.


The Underpinnings of Successful Strategy

Using Scenario Planning to Reshape Strategy

A new approach to scenario planning can help companies reframe their long-term strategies.

Which Rules Are Worth Breaking?

Disrupting the status quo is often valuable, but taken too far, it can lead to ethical crises.

How to Recognize a Strategic Priority When You See One

Financial reports provide critical insights into a company’s strategy — if you know where to look.

Do You Know What Really Drives Your Business’s Performance?

Performance topology maps offer managers a signpost pointing toward smarter strategies.

Paths to Success in Global Business


Negotiating With Chinese Investors

Chinese companies are increasingly investing overseas — and bring a different negotiating style.


The Next Wave of Business Models in Asia

Many Asian startups are competing on business model innovation and new technology rather than cost.


Mastering the Make-in-India Challenge

Some multinationals have a winning India strategy that involves both local and global value chains.

Working With Multiple Business Models

Building a Winning Business Model Portfolio

June 13, 2017 | Paolo Aversa, Stefan Haefliger, and Danielle Giuliana Reza

Many companies today are operating several business models at once. But despite the potential that business model diversification has for generating growth and profit, executives need to carefully assess the strategic contributions of each element of their business model portfolio.