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Featured Strategy Articles


Organizing for New Technologies

Responding to disruptive technologies may mean changing your company’s organizational structure.


Mastering the Market Intelligence Challenge

Multinationals need to start viewing market intelligence as a strategic asset in emerging markets.


Competing Through Joint Innovation

The Chinese telecom company Huawei has used strategic partnerships to gain ground in Europe.


Strategic Use of Data


When Your Industry Faces Disruption

Warding Off the Threat of Disruption

December 2, 2016 | Daniel Cohen and Joshua S. Gans

In a fast-changing digital landscape, companies shouldn’t wait too long to reconfigure their offerings — but they also should be wary of moving to an untested technology too soon. Monitoring trends in related industries and identifying high-potential startups for acquisition helps to ensure appropriate timing for business model changes.

Partnerships and Alliances



Identifying Opportunities Around the Globe

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Today’s interconnected world requires new thinking about global strategies and opportunities. Open access to these three MIT Sloan Management Review articles about bringing a global perspective to business decisions is provided courtesy of Harvard Business School Executive Education.

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Business Model Innovation


The Hard Truth About Business Model Innovation

Successful business model innovation requires an understanding of how business models evolve.


The Next Wave of Business Models in Asia

Many Asian startups are competing on business model innovation and new technology rather than cost.


Managing Tensions Between New and Existing Business Models

Staying competitive may mean exploring new business models — but watch out for internal tensions.


Creating Value Through Business Model Innovation

Here are six questions for executives to consider when thinking about business model innovation.

Corporate Governance


How Strategic Is Your Board?

Strategic thinking by corporate boards is more important than ever for business survival.


The Downside to Full Board Independence

Accounting scandals led to more independent corporate boards, but this trend has financial costs.


How Boards Botch CEO Succession

Research finds three key reasons boards fail at CEO succession planning.


The Board That Embraced Stakeholders Beyond Shareholders

The board of Sweden’s Atlas Copco broke new ground in sustainability via its 2015 Annual Report.