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Featured Strategy Articles


The Hard Truth About Business Model Innovation

Successful business model innovation requires an understanding of how business models evolve.


Rise of the Strategy Machines

Frontiers |

While humans may be ahead of computers in the ability to create strategy today, we shouldn’t be complacent about our dominance.


Harnessing the Best of Globalization

Companies entering global markets should identify an approach that best suits their business model.


Innovation Strategy

Finding a Lower-Risk Path to High-Impact Innovations

June 13, 2016 | Joseph V. Sinfield and Freddy Solis

Pursuing a high-impact innovation strategy can have terrific payoffs — but it’s also extremely risky, and most companies won’t do it. Yet a comparatively less risky, proactive approach that strings together “lily pads” of capability-building investments, technical and conceptual advances, and market explorations into “enabling innovations” can bring companies closer to their goal and provide a long-lasting competitive edge.

Developing Strategy Within the Business

Aligning Corporate Learning With Strategy

Too many corporate learning and development programs focus on the wrong things. “The word ‘learning,’ which has largely replaced ‘training’ in the corporate lexicon, suggests ‘knowledge for its own sake,’” write the authors. “However, to justify its existence, corporate learning needs to serve the organization’s stated goals.” Understanding the strategic agenda of the CEO should be a top focus of learning leaders, who can then developing an agenda that is reflective of the CEO’s priorities.

When Strategy Walks Out the Door

Managers should be skeptical consumers of external strategy advice. External strategy advice can be costly — and wrong. The best sources of insight about strategy tailored for your company can lie dormant within the company itself, in its employees. Ironically, companies often expend significant resources on obtaining flawed external advice while the employees with the best strategy ideas are ignored — and thus may walk out the door.



Achieving Resilience

Strategies for Business Resilience

September 20, 2016 | Gregory Unruh

Companies can continue creating value in the face of disasters, both natural and man-made, when they develop community resilience strategies.

Becoming a Better Strategist


Mastering Strategy

How can executives develop their skills as strategists? One way is to learn from the masters.


Strategy and Technology


Predicting the Future: How to Engage in Really Long-Term Strategic Digital Planning

Companies need to engage in long-term thinking about their digital strategy.


Is It Time to Build Your Own Platform?

Frontiers |

Preparing for the platform-business revolution; how to optimize distribution networks with big data.


Infographic: Top Three Elements of Internet of Things Success

An infographic provides highlights of MIT SMR‘s 2016 Internet of Things report.


When Machine Intelligence Meets Main Street

Frontiers |

In the age of machine learning, what should managers know — and what must non-tech companies do to stay ahead?

Operations Strategies


Integrating Supply and Demand

Joining the supply and demand sides of an enterprise presents an opportunity for efficiency and value creation.