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Featured Strategy Articles


Balancing Exploration and Exploitation

New research offers insights into factors that can affect the decision-making process.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Is It Time to Hire a Chief Legal Strategist?

Here’s a strategic angle that most businesses don’t think about: how they can use the law to secure strategic business goals.


The Power of Asking Pivotal Questions

Asking the right questions can help you broaden your perspective — and make smarter decisions.


Building Momentum for Change

Beyond Forecasting: Creating New Strategic Narratives

September 16, 2014 | Sarah Kaplan and Wanda Orlikowski

In rapidly changing industries, it can be hard for established companies to build momentum for new strategic directions. But by rethinking the past and present and reimagining the future, managers can construct strategic narratives that enable innovation. A new study helps to understand how managers actually make strategy in conditions of considerable uncertainty, and do it in a way that is coherent, plausible and acceptable to most key stakeholders in the organization.


Upsides to the Sharing Economy

Our new article "Adapting to the Sharing Economy" takes a deep look at collaborative consumerism. These three articles look at the sharing economy business models of Zipcar, Airbnb and more.


Adapting to the Sharing Economy

New strategies are helping companies embrace “collaborative consumption” and the "sharing economy."


“Digital Masters” and Their Clarity of Vision

Revamping Your Business Through Digital Transformation

February 18, 2015 | George Westerman and Didier Bonnet

Large companies in traditional industries might think that digital transformation can wait — that a follower strategy is a safer route than trying to be a pioneer. "That kind of thinking, while tempting, is wrong," write George Westerman and Didier Bonnet. "In every industry we studied, companies are doing exciting things with digital technology and getting impressive business benefits."