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Featured Strategy Articles


Aligning Corporate Learning With Strategy

Corporate learning programs should focus on the CEO’s strategic agenda rather than how learning is delivered.


Mastering Strategy

How can executives develop their skills as strategists? One way is to learn from the masters.


The New Mission for Multinationals

Across a broad swath of industries, multinationals are losing ground in emerging markets to local players.


Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results

Competing With Ordinary Resources

March 16, 2015 | Frédéric Fréry, Xavier Lecocq and Vanessa Warnier

Not every company can be built around exceptional talent or exclusive technology. Instead, companies also can thrive by the innovative use of ordinary resources, such as well-managed staffs and competent websites. As management scholars Sumantra Ghoshal and Christopher Bartlett once wrote: “The key function of management is to help ordinary people produce extraordinary results.” The authors examine how business models leveraging regular resources will take different approaches than those focused on scarce strategic resources.

Managing Financial Risk

UBS Reports Writedowns of 18.5 Billion GBP

Is Your Company Addicted to Value Extraction?

Is your company focused on creating value — or on siphoning it off from others?


Why It Pays to Become a Rule Maker

Businesses have the potential to be rule makers as well as players in establishing environmental regulations.


Gaining a New Understanding of Risk

In these days of uncertain markets, how do you manage risk prudently – yet still grow your company?


Can High-Frequency Trading Drive the Stock Market Off a Cliff?

A computer simulation of high-frequency trading behavior yields new insights into market volatility.


Embracing a Digital World


How CEOs Can Leverage Twitter

By tweeting, CEOs have an opportunity to initiate and influence online conversations.


Business Model Innovation


How to Avoid Platform Traps

The increasing popularity of platform strategies masks a difficult truth: They are hard to execute well.


Boards & Corporate Governance

How Strategic Is Your Board?

September 16, 2014 | Didier Cossin and Estelle Metayer

Strategic thinking at the top of a company is more important than ever for business survival. But boards of directors have no clear model to follow when it comes to developing the strategic role for the companies they oversee. Should they supervise, cocreate or support strategy? A structured assessment of a board’s strategic responsibilities can bring clarity to its role in creating strategy, and boards should be prepared to change their role in strategy if the industry context changes.