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New in Sustainability


Equipping the Sustainability Insurgency

A peer-to-peer network developed jointly by HP Canada and WWF offers tools and guidance for sustainability insurgents.


The Paris Agreement — It's Down to Business

The historic Paris climate change accord needs businesses’ support if it is to succeed.


MIT for Managers: Can You Afford to Build Green?

The new Sloan School building at MIT shows that green building makes economic sense.



Lessons from Money Pioneer M-Pesa

Five Steps to Strategic Sustainability and Abundance

March 21, 2016 | Jay Friedlander

Kenyan mobile money pioneer M-Pesa is just one of many companies in developing economies that build virtuous cycles where solving ecological problems and building resilient communities opens new opportunities. Adopting an abundant perspective, argues author Jay Friedlander, provides concrete economic, social, and environmental objectives that unleash new possibilities.

Toward Sustainability-Oriented Innovation



Global Reports from MIT SMR


Joining Forces: Collaboration and Leadership for Sustainability

The 2014 Sustainability Report by MIT Sloan Management Review, BCG and the United Nations Global Compact highlights new global collaborations.


Sustainability’s Next Frontier

The 2013 Sustainability Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and BCG looks at companies that “walk the talk.”


The Innovation Bottom Line

The 2012 Sustainability Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and BCG sees more companies reporting profits from sustainability practices.


Sustainability Nears a Tipping Point

The 2011 Sustainability Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and BCG shows sustainability moving permanently onto agendas.

Banks' Roles in Climate Change

The Climate Custodians

February 17, 2016 | Robert G. Eccles and Tim Youmans

While global custody banks provide the unseen but essential support system that ensures proper functioning of capital markets, they may soon become key players in the global battle against climate change. But whether that will happen depends on the boards that govern them.

Building Better Stakeholder Communication


Why Sustainability Ratings Matter

Trustworthy, transparent ratings of companies’ sustainability performance are becoming increasingly important in the global economy.


Blog Posts, Videos, Articles and More

Watch On-Demand: Webinar on Report Highlights

How Collaboration Advances Your Sustainability Efforts

February 16, 2015 | Knut Haanaes (BCG) and David Kiron (MIT Sloan Management Review)

In a webinar recorded in January 2015, the speakers present findings from the recent global study they co-authored, “Joining Forces: Collaboration and Leadership for Sustainability.” The study, by MIT Sloan Management Review, The Boston Consulting Group and the United Nations Global Compact, shows that a growing number of companies are turning to collaborations — with suppliers, NGOs, industry alliances, governments and even competitors — to become more sustainable. The research found that companies are realizing that they can’t make the necessary impact acting alone.