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The Pitfalls of Project Status Reporting

Will your next big IT project be on time and deliver what was promised? Maybe — but maybe not.


Does Your Company Collect Data — Or Hoard It?

The impulse to collect and store all data on the off chance it might be useful is counterproductive.


Revisiting Complexity in the Digital Age

Digital technologies are helping companies finesse trade-offs between complexity’s costs and benefits.



How to Crowdsource R&D

Leveraging the Extended Enterprise: MITRE’s Handshake Tool Builds Virtual Collaboration

August 5, 2014 | Donna Cuomo, Laurie Damianos and Stan Drozdetski (MITRE), interviewed by Gerald C. (Jerry) Kane

“The notion that we were going to crowdsource certain functions really was unheard of,” says Donna Cuomo of the nonprofit MITRE, a $1.4 billion nonprofit R&D organization. A social business tool it developed called Handshake is helping make that kind of virtual collaboration happen. In a Q&A, Dr. Cuomo and MITRE colleagues Laurie Damianos and Stan Drozdetski explain how Handshake has influenced business at MITRE and what challenges they’ve faced in its implementation.

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The Pitfalls of Project Status Reporting

The Pitfalls of Project Status Reporting

Will your next big IT project be on time and deliver what was promised? Maybe — but maybe not. Accepting five inconvenient truths about project status reporting can greatly reduce the chance of being blindsided by unpleasant surprises.

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Embracing a Multi-Channel World

The rising use of mobile computing is helping blur the boundaries between brick-and-mortar shopping and Internet retailing. Consumers expect to interact with retailers through multiple touch points, moving fluidly from offline to online. Here's how retailers — and their supply-chain partners — need to compete.


Becoming a Digital Business


Optimizing Your Digital Business Model

If you lack a good digital business model, your customers may leave you behind.


The Nine Obstacles to Digital Transformation

When leaders manage effectively, technology transformation becomes achievable.


How Starbucks Has Gone Digital

Top Starbucks executives Adam Brotman and Curt Garner discuss their company’s digital strategy.


Video: New Opportunities in the Transformed Music Industry

Universal Music surmounts challenges in one of the first industries to go digital.