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Featured Digital Articles


How Digital Media Will Bring Out Our Best Selves in the Workplace

Frontiers |

The best use of digital technology is assisting human workers to maximize innate capabilities.


Building a More Intelligent Enterprise

Companies should blend the power of computers with insights into human decision making.


Reframing Growth Strategy in a Digital Economy

Frontiers |

Big corporations need new strategies in a world of digital disruptors, where three new truths rule.


The Cybersecurity Challenge

To Improve Cybersecurity, Think Like a Hacker

To protect their organizations from cyberthreats, companies need to understand how hackers go about their work. The authors’ research suggests that hackers’ attacks typically involve four steps: identifying vulnerabilities; scanning and testing; gaining access; and maintaining access.

What Executives Get Wrong About Cybersecurity

Frontiers |

Cyberattacks are in the news. All kinds of organizations — ranging from Target Corp.and Bangladesh Bank to the Democratic National Committee in the United States — have fallen victim to them in recent years. MIT cybersecurity expert Stuart Madnick explains some of the biggest cybersecurity risks businesses face today — and what executives should do to decrease their companies’ vulnerabilities.


Mastering the Digital Innovation Challenge

Mastering the Digital Innovation Challenge

March 7, 2017 | Fredrik Svahn, Lars Mathiassen, Rikard Lindgren, and Gerald C. Kane

For Volvo Cars, pursuing digital innovation required fundamentally rethinking the organization, while also keeping the core business functioning efficiently. The company did so by balancing four interrelated competing concerns: (1) new and established innovation capabilities; (2) process and product focus; (3) external and internal collaboration; and (4) flexibility and control in relationships with external partners.


Developing a Digital Business


Why Digital Transformation Needs a Heart

Frontiers |

Digital transformation has been positive in many ways, but some long-term trends are troubling.


How to Develop a Great Digital Strategy

Frontiers |

More than one strategy can lead to digital success — but solid operations support is essential.


Don’t Forget the Basics in Digital Transformation

Managers often lose sight of the essentials because digital business is changing so quickly.


Five Myths About Digital Transformation

Frontiers |

Understanding these five myths will give you a more realistic view of digital transformation.


Digital Business Research Findings


Aligning the Organization for Its Digital Future

Digitally savvy executives are already aligning their people, processes, and culture to achieve their organizations’ long-term digital success.


Strategy, not Technology, Drives Digital Transformation

The 2015 Digital Business Report by MIT SMR and Deloitte identifies strategy as the key driver in the digital arena.


Moving Beyond Marketing

The 2014 research report by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte finds that measurement sophistication is finally taking hold in social business.


Embracing Digital Technology

The 2013 Digital Transformation Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and Capgemini Consulting looks at the road to digital transformation.