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Featured Digital Articles


Digital Audits as a Tactical and Strategic Management Resource

New factory audit processes make it possible to evaluate supplier performance in more depth.


Improving Your Digital Intelligence

Frontiers |

Assessing your company’s digital intelligence offers a road map for your digital journey.


AI in the Boardroom: The Next Realm of Corporate Governance

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Artificial intelligence helps doctors make better diagnoses. It can do the same for corporate leaders.


Expanding Digital Business Models

Could the Big Technology Companies of Today Be the Financial Advisers of Tomorrow?

Frontiers |

October 12, 2017 | Luis Viceira, Peter Nolan, Terrance Rogers, and Anthony Runco

Following the example of Alibaba in China, Amazon is leveraging strong trust in its brand and its broad customer base to enter the U.S. financial market. While Alibaba saw opportunity in the lack of credit cards in China, Amazon could use credit cards’ ubiquity in the U.S. to reach a large pool of potential customers.

A Closer Look At Platforms


The Evolving Mobile Marketplace

Five Steps to Strategic Sustainability and Abundance

Kenyan mobile money pioneer M-Pesa is just one of many companies in developing economies that build virtuous cycles where solving ecological problems and building resilient communities opens new opportunities. Adopting an abundant perspective, argues author Jay Friedlander, provides concrete economic, social, and environmental objectives that unleash new possibilities.


What’s Your Digital Strategy?


Three Characteristics of a Winning Digital Strategy

Understanding the characteristics of a winning digital strategy is the key to developing one.


Building a More Intelligent Enterprise

Companies should blend the power of computers with insights into human decision making.


Organizing for New Technologies

Responding to disruptive technologies may mean changing your company’s organizational structure.


How to Develop a Great Digital Strategy

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More than one strategy can lead to digital success — but solid operations support is essential.

Digital Business Research Findings

Achieving Digital Maturity

Digitally maturing companies are achieving success by increasing collaboration, scaling innovation, and revamping their approach to talent.

Moving Beyond Marketing

The 2014 research report by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte finds that measurement sophistication is finally taking hold in social business.

Embracing Digital Technology

The 2013 Digital Transformation Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and Capgemini Consulting looks at the road to digital transformation.


Why Digital Calls for a Slowed-Down Approach

The Case Against Agility

September 26, 2017 | Amit S. Mukherjee

Leaders today must wean their companies away from three pieces of conventional wisdom about digital strategy: agility, first-mover advantage, and minimum viable product. These ideas have anchored technological decision-making for over a decade but are highly unsuitable for the emerging world. In conditions of environmental uncertainty and interconnected technology, we need more thoughtfulness rather than more speed.

Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy