Native Advertising/Sponsor’s Content at MIT Sloan Management Review

From time to time, MIT SMR publishes articles from sponsors in our print magazine, on the the website’s home page, topic pages, article pages, and e-mail newsletters.

Material from sponsors is always unambiguously labeled, and the sponsor is always clearly identified. This material is produced without the involvement of MIT SMR’s editorial staff; The MIT SMR Editorial Staff is not involved in the selection, writing or editing of sponsor submitted content.

The relevance to MIT SMR’s audience of all sponsored content is vetted by the MIT SMR’s leadership team. We will not publish sponsored content if it is not informative for our readers or it is not aligned with our mission to bring new research and ideas to thoughtful managers.

However, this does not mean that sponsored content reflects the views of MIT or MIT SMR’s editors; the presence of sponsored content is not an endorsement of a sponsor’s products or services.

Sponsors have no influence on editorial decisions, including what we choose to write about. Editorial coverage of any of our advertisers or sponsors may be flattering or unflattering, as a story warrants.

More Information

Contact us at any time if you have questions or feedback about this program or the content provided by our sponsors.

Potential sponsors that are interested in participating in this program should connect with our business development team.