Acknowledgements & Related Publications

This is part 11 of 11 from “Analytics: The New Path to Value,” a report on the findings of the 2010 New Intelligent Enterprise Global Executive Study and Research Project.


John Armstrong, IBM; Marc Berson, IBM; Eric Brynjolfsson, MIT; Dr. Steve Buckley, IBM; William Fuessler, IBM; Bill Hoffman, Best Buy; Christer Johnson, IBM; Richard Lawrence, IBM; Thomas W. Malone, MIT; Andrew McAfee, MIT; Dwight McNeill, IBM; Chris Moore, IBM; Mychelle Mollot, IBM; Mark Ramsey, IBM; Will Reilly, IBM; Jeanne W. Ross, MIT; Michael Schrage, MIT; Michael Schroeck, IBM; Marc Teerlink, IBM; David Turner, IBM; Bruce Tyler, IBM; Andy Warzecha, IBM; Peter Weill, MIT; and Katharyn White, IBM.

Additional support for this study was provided by:
Attivio, Inc. Attivio’s unified information access software combines enterprise search, BI, data warehousing and analytic capabilities for an integrated view of content and data, regardless of source or format.

Dassault Systèmes. Dassault Systèmes, a leader in 3D and product lifecycle management solutions, enables everyone — from designers to consumers and their communities — to create, share and experience in 3D.

Related Publications

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