We thank each of the following individuals, who were interviewed for this report: Vala Afshar, Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Customer Officer, Enterasys Networks; Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn, Vice President and General Manager, Cisco; Leslie Berland, Senior Vice President, Digital Partnerships and Development, American Express; Lauren Boyman, Director of Digital Strategy, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management; Vernon Bubb, Business Development Director, BT Global Services; Lisa Calicchio, Vice President, Employee Relations, Global Recruiting & Diversity, Covance; Susan Etlinger, Industry Analyst, Altimeter Group; Darrell Flewell, CFO, Linux Professional Institute; Sam Ford, Director of Digital Strategy, Peppercomm Strategic Communications; Anna Granholm-Brun, Corporate Brand Manager, Maersk Group; Paul Green Jr., Self Management Institute, Morningstar Tomato Processing; Justin Herman, Social Media Program Manager, Center for Excellence in Digital Government, Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, General Services Administration; Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer, Dachis Group; Bill Ingram, Vice President Analytics and Social at Adobe Systems, Nadine Jean-Francois, Director Supply Chain Management, Teva Canada; Stacy Jolna, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, ConnecTV; Sheila Jordan, Senior Vice President of Communication and Collaboration IT, Cisco; Jerry Kane, Professor, Carroll School of Management, Boston College; Beth Kanter; trainer and blogger; Ralf Larsson, Director of Online Employee Engagement and Development, Electrolux; Richard Margetic, Director of Global Social Media, Dell Inc.; Mark McDonald, co-author, The Digital Edge: Exploiting Information and Technology for Business Advantage; Jo Natale, Director of Media Relations, Wegmans Food Markets; Natasha Nelson, CIO, CARA Operations; J.P. Rangaswami, Chief Scientist,; James M. Sheppard, Chief of Police, City of Rochester, New York; Michelle Shildkret, Social Media Consultant; Genevieve Shore, CIO and Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Pearson PLC; Michael Slind, co-author, Talk, Inc.: How Trusted Leaders Use Conversation to Power Their Organizations; Ron Utterbeck, CIO for GE Corporate and Director, Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Center, GE; Ralf VonSosen, Head of Marketing for Sales Solutions, LinkedIn; Ray Wang, CEO, Constellation Research; Amy Sample Ward, Chief Executive Officer, NTEN.

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