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Rent The Runway: Organizing Around Analytics

For the fashionista who lacks the budget to buy fabulous designer dresses, there’s a solution: Rent one.

Rent The Runway rents occasion dresses. The company caters to its fashion forward clientele through unique services, including on-call stylist advice and customer’s “style moment” photos, parsed by measurements.

These services are, in no small measure, what sets Rent The Runway apart from its small pool of competitors. They’re are also driven by data and analytics.

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Big Data’s Travails Don’t Mean It’s Derailed

Executives are growing dismissive of Big Data’s value. Even the best companies can struggle to get good results from their data. But data isn’t getting smaller, it’s getting much, much larger. Corporate executives should look at what’s emerging from universities like MIT, where researchers are beginning to get answers to longstanding big questions in healthcare, public policy and finance.

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What Baseball, Wine and Healthcare Have in Common

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What do baseball, wine and healthcare have in common?

More than you might think.

In particular, people are gaining new insights about each of the three subjects through statistical models that analyze data to make predictions.


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Reducing Your Company’s Carbon Footprint — Through Logistics

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Trying to reduce your company's carbon footprint? MIT engineering professor David Simchi-Levi suggests taking a systematic look at the logistics involved in your supply chain -- and then carefully analyzing the data to understand the greenhouse gas emissions impact of your logistics choices, the MIT News Office reports.

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