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The New Data Republic: Not Quite a Democracy

There are clear signs that the movement to democratize data is making real progress. Barriers such as infrastructure, culture, tools, and governance that once kept data access limited are quickly eroding. But access to data isn’t enough: Data democratization also requires knowing how to work with data and understand data analysis tools and techniques. Without these capabilities, the data democracy is only an illusion — and most people are still unable to participate fully.


At This Education Nonprofit, A Is for Analytics

Christopher House is a Chicago-based education nonprofit that prepares children and families from low-income households for success in life, in school and the workplace. Over the last 10 years, says CEO Lori Baas, the organization has focused on high-quality infant school, pre-school, early childhood education, elementary school, afterschool, and parent school programs, college and career readiness, and a commitment to using data at every step in every program along that continuum of education. In 2013, Christopher House opened an elementary school to expand the continuum of learning. Christopher House has an agency-wide database system to track student outcomes — data that’s used to assess programs and make program improvements.

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Once You Align the Analytical Stars, What’s Next?

You’ve figured out how to get the data, and how to make sure it’s good quality. You’ve hired the right people to put your data through the analytics wringer. Now you’ve got the results in your hands &mdash and you may not be sure what to do next. Consuming analytics effectively — and getting business value out of your analytics — is a challenge for many companies, and executives must get creative to increase their comfort level.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Video: Digital Transformation Comes to Education

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Linda Zecher, CEO of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, is leading the U.S.’s largest K-12 publisher into a more digital era where curricula will increasingly adapt to individual student needs. Along with HMH chief content officer Mary Cullinane, Zecher is guiding HMH through changes that will include new skill sets as well as extensive infrastructure and content management changes.


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Wooing the next wave of software innovators

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How do you ensure that your product stays relevant in the future? Reach out to the next generation of innovators. Several large companies are doing just that — as they attempt to encourage software start-ups to use their products and services.

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