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How an “Abundance Mentality” and a CEO’s Fierce Resolve Kickstarted CSR at Campbell Soup

In his tenure as president and CEO of the Campbell Soup Company, Doug Conant first helped steer the company to financial stability, and then set the stage for aggressive sustainability goals. The notion of corporate social responsibility and sustainability has been part of the fabric of the Campbell Soup Company since its inception. By 2006, Conant was ready to kick it up a notch. As president and CEO (he retired last fall), Conant led the company in exploring “how we could bring what I call our DNA, our natural inclination to corporate social responsibility, to a new level.”


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Peter Senge on sustainability and climate change

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This month's Strategy+Business contains a beautiful, must-read article co-authored by MIT Sloan School's Peter Senge (with Bryan Smith of York University's Sustainable Enterprise Academy and Nina Kruschwitz).

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