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Eight Steps to Digital Transformation

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Companies want digital transformation, but achieving it is hard. Executives from two transformative businesses, Kim Stevenson, Intel’s CIO, and Mark Norman, the president of Zipcar, discuss how they do it, with Andy McAfee of MIT’s Center for Digital Business and Didier Bonnet of Capgemini Consulting’s digital transformation practice.

Suzanne Fallender, director of CSR Strategy and Communications for Intel

Integrating Sustainability Into Strategy, Governance and Employee Engagement

Just because you can’t measure an action doesn’t mean it’s not creating strategic value, says Suzanne Fallender, director of CSR Strategy and Communications for Intel. Her job, though, is to measure wherever she can and make the best case possible for incorporating sustainability efforts into every facet of the company.

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Is the U.S. Losing its Innovation Edge?

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What's the prognosis for America's innovation future?

That was the topic of an NBC Nightly News report this week that included interviews with MIT Sloan School Professor Edward Roberts and Paul Otellini, Intel's president and CEO.

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