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Image courtesy of Flickr user Mayo Clinic.
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Mayo Clinic Leads Social Conversations About Healthcare

The Mayo Clinic has been able to leverage and enhance its reputation as a trusted source of health information through a robust online presence and expansive social media program. Through its YouTube channel, Twitter feed, and Facebook page, it brings health information to hundreds of thousands of consumers. The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media coordinates and focuses the Clinic’s various social media initiatives and programs.


Experiments in Open Innovation at Harvard Medical School

What happens when an academic institution rethinks how research gets done? In an experiment in open innovation applied to scientific research, Harvard Catalyst, a pan-Harvard agency, modified the traditional grant proposal process to bring greater openness into every stage of research. In the end, 150 new hypotheses were proposed. The Harvard Catalyst experience suggests that open-innovation principles can be applied to a well-established research organization.

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How Analytics Can Get You Better Medical Treatment

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We talk a lot at MIT SMR about the smart ways company leaders are sorting through avalanches of data to make better decisions. (Links to our most current articles on The New Intelligent Enterprise are here.)

In the world of medicine, analytics has a special kind of urgency.

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