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Summer funding for start-ups

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These days, March is apparently the season for young innovators to apply for start-up financing for the summer. Y Combinator, TechStars and DreamIt Ventures all have deadlines within the next ten days for their summer programs for very early-stage high-tech start-ups.


An Incremental Process for Software Implementation

A powerful way to implement advanced software technologies is through incrementalism. Each self-contained implementation sequence achieves a specific business result. Using the strategy at a large manufacturer of office furniture systems, the authors implemented supply-chain-planning and-scheduling software at six sites — on time and within budget. The three critical success factors were technology divisibility, technology and methodology fit, and technology and organization fit.


The Value of Selective IT Sourcing

When Eastman Kodak turned over the bulk of its IT operations to three outsourcing partners in 1989, outsourcing was a $4 billion a year business.1 Today, that number has grown to nearly $40 billion a year, according to the estimates of industry watchers Frost & Sullivan.

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