Strategic Thinking

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How Strategic Is Your Board?

Strategic thinking at the top of a company is more important than ever for business survival. But boards of directors have no clear model to follow when it comes to developing the strategic role for the companies they oversee. Should they supervise, cocreate or support strategy? A structured assessment of a board’s strategic responsibilities can bring clarity to its role in creating strategy, and boards should be prepared to change their role in strategy if the industry context changes.

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Bringing research to the mass market

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Too often, academics' research stays within the ivory tower.  Not so for behavioral economist Dan Ariely, a professor at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business and a visiting professor at the MIT Media Lab.



What Strategy Is Not

In today’s world, it seems, people want to characterize every utterance and action as strategic — as if the simple addition of the adjective elevates the importance and quality of the thinking.

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