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Technology Solutions for Health Care Need a Continuous Process

It’s no secret that the fee-for-service model in U.S. health care is a driving factor in spiraling costs. WellPoint’s innovative plan to shift to a value-based payment plan may prove to be a key innovation that keeps a lid on those costs. But as commentator Sam Ransbotham points out, their effort to change the payment system also highlights a need for process changes at WellPoint itself.

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How Big Data is Influencing Big Companies

A recent data and analytics survey sheds light on what large organizations are actually doing with big data initiatives. The survey of nearly 100 senior executives from Fortune 1000 companies found that executives are reporting anincreasing commitment to big data projects. As well, most executives, 70%, are looking to improve their “time to answer” with big data.


When One Size Does Not Fit All

Although executives understand the difference between efficiency and responsiveness, many are confused about when to apply each strategy. In recent years, companies have been caught in the bind in which Dell Inc. found itself in 2008, when it needed to transform its supply chain to serve new customers in new channels. The question was: how to do that? Dell decided to create multiple supply chains, configured so that the company could reduce complexity and benefit from economies of scale.


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Why Some Companies Benefit More from IT Investments than Others

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On average, investments in information technology are associated with greater productivity for companies -- but why do some companies get greater productivity benefits from IT than others? That was one of the questions MIT Sloan Professor Erik Brynjolfsson addressed at a presentation at the MIT Center for Digital Business today.

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News From the Start-up Scene

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As the downturn continues, some technology start-up companies are closing or being acquired at low prices, The Wall Street Journal reports. That, along with a reported decrease in angel investing, raise questions about the environment for innovation.

But the news isn't all bad.



The Digital Transformation of Traditional Business

New information technologies, such as broadband networks, mobile communications and the Internet, have well-known, but often unrealized, potential to transform businesses and industries. The key to success is knowing how and when to apply the technologies. Companies should look at 10 specific drivers to help determine their best strategy.


Beyond the Business Case: New Approaches to IT Investment

When senior managers at United Parcel Service (UPS) first decided more than 15 years ago that package tracking had become a competitive necessity in the package-delivery industry, they discovered that developing the capability was not as simple as writing or buying a package-tracking application.

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