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Strategic Decisions for Multisided Platforms

Some of the fastest growing businesses in recent years — companies such as Facebook, eBay and LinkedIn — are “multisided platforms” that enable interactions between two or more sets of participants. The spectacular success of some of these MSPs has caught the attention of many entrepreneurs and investors. But building a multisided platform business requires savvy decisions on everything from design to governance to pricing.

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“Antisocial networks,” Facebook and innovation

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No sooner have businesses started to really grasp the potential benefits of Web 2.0 technologies such as social networking sites...then someone identifies a new, potentially negative application for them.


The Evolution of the Organizational Architect

After nearly two decades, technologists and strategists are still working out a productive alliance in the business world. Many companies accept that information technology enables their competitive edge, but their efforts to partner it with business are failing.

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