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The Pile for January 4, 2010

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Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have investigated one potential reason women still find a glass ceiling between them and top management positions at many institutions. Their study tests whether "managers view women as having more family-work conflict than men."




Preserving Employee Morale during Downsizing

When companies downsize, managers need to consider how to bolster their employees' morale in order to maintain productivity and engender flexibility. The authors propose a four-stage approach -- gleaned from interviews and surveys -- that will mitigate worker mistrust and disempowerment and will, they say, help build a better company.


Ethical Leadership and the Psychology of Decision Making

How can managers improve the ethical quality of their decisions and ensure that their decisions will not backfire? The authors discuss three types of theories that will help executives understand how they make the judgments on which they base their decisions. By understanding those theories, they can learn how to make better, more ethical decisions.

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