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MIT SMR Welcomes Veteran Business Editor Paul Michelman as Its New Editor in Chief

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Paul Michelman joins MIT Sloan Management Review as editor in chief and digital strategist. As chief content strategist Paul will guide MIT SMR’s digital content strategy across the entire content lifecycle. Paul was previously editor in chief at Safari Online, executive editor at strategy+business, and executive editor and director of new editorial products at Harvard Business Review.


Are You Ready For the Certainty of the Unknown?

The skill set for both companies and individuals of the future will be to embrace impermanence and continual reconfiguring, according to Benn Konsynski, a professor of information systems at Emory University. He says both organizations and employees need to prepare for the “the remix era” and “the certainty of unknown.” He sees “improvisation” as a personal and enterprise necessity in the 21st century.

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