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How Useful Is the Theory of Disruptive Innovation?

How well does Clayton M. Christensen’s theory describe what actually transpires in business?


What to Know About Locating in a Cluster

Innovation flourishes when companies are geographically close, but knowledge poaching can thrive, too.


How to Position Your Innovation in the Marketplace

A new framework helps identify the best strategy for a particular product or service.


Lessons in Collaboration

The Art of Managing Complex Collaborations

August 5, 2015 | Eric Knight, Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, and Barbara Mittleman

The only way to move forward on society's biggest challenges may be through consortiums. But it's not easy to assemble such groups or to keep them together. The experiences of The Biomarkers Consortium, a nine-year-old public-private partnership in the health industry, presents five lessons in managing these kinds of complex collaborations. These lessons are useful for anyone trying to build consensus to address broad societal challenges among multiple stakeholders with both common and divergent interests.

Achieving Business Model Innovation

Open access brought to you by PwC-90

Does your company's business model need to change? Open access to this group of MIT Sloan Management Review articles on business model innovation is provided courtesy of PwC.



What Makes Platforms Work?

Many of today’s most successful technology businesses — including Apple, Facebook, and Uber — are built on a platform-based business model. But the platform model is prone to several common pitfalls.


How to Avoid Platform Traps

The increasing popularity of platform strategies masks a difficult truth: They are hard to execute well.


Dethroning an Established Platform

The experiences of Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Gmail offer four keys for entering platform markets.


Is Open Innovation For You?


Experiments in Open Innovation at Harvard Medical School

Open innovation was used in diabetes research to bring greater openness into every stage of research.


The Age of the Consumer-Innovator

Consumers generate massive amounts of product innovation — which has significant implications for new product development.


The Inside and Outside View of Innovation

Two recent books focus on different aspects of innovation — within and outside the organization.


Using Open Innovation to Identify the Best Ideas

Which parts of your innovation processes should you open up to the wider world?

3-D Printing As Case Study

Innovation Lessons From 3-D Printing

December 18, 2012 | Jeroen P.J. de Jong and Erik de Bruijn

3-D printing is the printing of solid, physical 3-D objects. “Just as the Web democratized innovation in bits, a new class of ‘rapid prototyping’ technologies…is democratizing innovation in atoms,” Wired magazine’s longtime editor-in-chief, Chris Anderson, stated in "Makers: The New Industrial Revolution." Indeed, open-source 3-D printing fits in with the general trend of open-source innovation by collaborative online communities. The big question: How should existing companies respond?