Featured Innovation Articles


The Surprising Effectiveness of “Assembly Line” Innovation

Unconventional approaches to innovation are speeding up new product development, making R&D faster and cheaper.


The Dandelion Principle: Redesigning Work for the Innovation Economy

People who are “different,” behaviorally or neurologically, can add significant value to companies.


Protecting Intellectual Property in China

Companies doing business in China need to manage their intellectual property vulnerabilities proactively.


The Surprising Extent Of Consumer Innovation

The Age of the Consumer-Innovator

September 21, 2011 | Eric von Hippel, Susumu Ogawa and Jeroen P.J. de Jong

It has long been assumed that companies develop products for consumers, while consumers are passive recipients. However, this paradigm is flawed, because consumers are a major source of product innovations. This article suggests a new innovation paradigm, in which consumers and users play a central and active role in developing products. The article also summarizes key findings from studies on consumer product innovation conducted in the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan.


Management Innovation

Most executives spend a reasonable amount of time thinking about the business model for their organization. But how much time do they spend considering the company’s management model? These articles look at ways to challenge the management norm.


The 5 Myths of Innovation

Increasingly, innovation is being applied to the development of new service offerings, business models, pricing plans and management practices.


Toyota’s Secret: The A3 Report

How does Toyota solve problems, create plans, and get new things done? Company managers credit a tool called the A3.


Rethinking Management

In his book “Reinventing Management,” Julian Birkinshaw urges businesspeople to give more thought to management models.


Encouraging Innovation Within Your Organization


Experiments in Open Innovation at Harvard Medical School

Open innovation was used in diabetes research to bring greater openness into every stage of research.


Creating Employee Networks That Deliver Open Innovation

The key to open innovation? Ensuring outside ideas reach the people best equipped to exploit them.


How Innovative Is Your Company’s Culture?

A new assessment tool can help executives pinpoint a company’s innovation strengths and weaknesses.


Bridging the Gap Between Stewards and Creators

When conflicts aren’t managed well, a company’s ability to innovate may be at risk.