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Featured Innovation Articles


Three Meaningful Strategies for Managing Rapid Change

Faced with rapid global, social, and marketplace changes, companies need effective ways to adapt.


Companies Brace for Decade of Disruption From AI

AI is expected to be the single most disruptive new capability for companies in the next decade.


Getting Past the Hype About 3-D Printing

Near-term expectations for additive manufacturing techniques are overoptimistic.


Webinar: Business Model Innovation

Building a Business Creation Engine

February 9, 2017 | Clayton M. Christensen, Derek van Bever, and Paul Michelman

In this webinar, Clayton M. Christensen and Derek van Bever, coauthors of the MIT SMR article “The Hard Truth About Business Model Innovation,” explain how business models evolve over time. They explain that it’s possible to turn an event — the act of creating a new business and a new business model — into a repeatable process.

Innovation Partnerships


Competing Through Joint Innovation

The Chinese telecom company Huawei has used strategic partnerships to gain ground in Europe.


Engaging With Startups in Emerging Markets

Partnering with emerging-market startups is easier if four key factors can be addressed.


How to Manage Alliances Strategically

A strategic framework that eliminates faulty assumptions can help make alliances successful.


Navigating the Leadership Challenges of Innovation Ecosystems

Frontiers |

When a group of industry leaders work together to find new solutions and products, who’s in charge?


Which Features Increase Customer Retention?

Product features designed to attract new customers differ from features that retain customers.

New Product Development

R&D, Meet E&S (Experiment & Scale)

Frontiers |

Fast, iterative “virtual research centers” are edging out traditional approaches to R&D.

Why Great New Products Fail

Companies often don’t focus enough on understanding how customers decide what to purchase.


Innovation and Organizational Structure

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It's not always easy to introduce innovations in an established company. That's why it's important to think about how an innovation fits into the existing organization's structure — and, how, in some cases, strategic partnerships can help a company innovate. Open access to these three articles about the relationship between organizational structures and innovation is provided courtesy of PwC.

Organizing for New Technologies

Responding to disruptive technologies may mean changing your company’s organizational structure.


New Approaches to Analytics


Improving Analytics Capabilities Through Crowdsourcing

Open-innovation platforms, used thoughtfully, can expand a company’s access to analytics talent.


Designing and Developing Analytics-Based Data Products

The information economy is giving way to an economy focused on analytics-based data products.


How Analytics and AI Are Driving the Subscription E-Commerce Phenomenon

Subscription e-commerce uses AI to offer personalized, low cost, convenient products. It’s working.


Why Big Data Isn’t Enough

Technology innovators should be wary of letting big data speak for itself.