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Tech Savvy: How Blockchains Could Transform Management

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What’s happening this week at the intersection of management and technology.


R&D, Meet E&S (Experiment & Scale)

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Fast, iterative “virtual research centers” are edging out traditional approaches to R&D.


Avoiding Analytical Myopia

The blinders and focus that work well to optimize the details of a problem may prevent managers from seeing other options.


Health Care Innovation

Digital Health Care: The Patient Will See You Now

April 5, 2016 | Kristin Darby (Cancer Treatment Centers of America), interviewed by Gerald C. Kane

Kristin Darby, CIO of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, is keenly aware of the impact of digital technology on patient care. “We crave constructive disruption, so we are always challenging ourselves with the question, ‘how can technology positively impact our patients?’ If there’s value for the patient, we’re interested and we dig deeper.” Darby is interviewed by Gerald C. (Jerry) Kane, associate professor of information systems at the Carroll School of Management at Boston College and a guest editor for MIT SMR.

Working With Outside Innovators

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Savvy executives know that they need to look for innovative ideas outside of their organizations as well as within it. Open access to these three MIT Sloan Management Review articles about working with outside innovation is provided courtesy of PwC.

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The Age of the Consumer-Innovator

Consumers generate massive amounts of product innovation — which has significant implications for new product development.

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How to Manage Outside Innovation

Should external innovators be organized in collaborative communities or competitive markets? The answer depends on three crucial issues.

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Innovating for a Sustainable Future


Strategic Sustainability Uses of Life-Cycle Analysis

Companies from Apple to Unilever employ life-cycle assessment in their sustainability work and reap hidden benefits.


Sustainability-Oriented Innovation: The More the Merrier

A diverse network of stakeholders will help advance an SOI process aimed at solving public problems.


Sustainability-Oriented Innovation: A Bridge to Breakthroughs

Businesses see the value of sustainability-oriented innovation but face barriers that make the transition difficult.


A New Mix: More Sustainable Beer from Better Water Practices

How South African brewer SABMiller changed its water practices to make its beer more sustainable.


Technology Innovation


The Revolution Will Be Customized (and Recycled and Solar-Powered)

The new frontier of ultra sustainable manufacturing: solar-powered 3D printing.


Internet of Things in Motion: Analytics and Transportation

Industry expert Gerhard Kress discusses how the transportation industry is capitalizing on the opportunities that Internet of Things data offers.


MIT For Managers: 3D Printing the Future

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Our biweekly exploration of new business ideas from the corridors of MIT.

Business Model Innovation

Photo of LiquidSpace’s Jay Suites rental in New York City

The Changing Urban Landscape

Data-Driven City Management

May 19, 2016 | Michael Fitzgerald

Many major cities recognize the opportunity to improve urban life with data analytics, and are exploring how to use information technologies to develop smarter services and a more sustainable footprint. Amsterdam, which has been working toward becoming a “smart city” for almost 7 years, offers insights into the complexities facing city managers who see the opportunity with data, but must collaborate with a diverse group of stakeholders to achieve their goals. The city’s chief technology officer, Ger Baron, makes it clear that their efforts are still early days: “I can give you the nice stories that we’re doing great stuff with data and information, but we’re very much at a starting point,” he says.