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How Vulnerable a Leader Should You Be?

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With its reporting of how political power is wielded in Washington, the only leadership lessons you're likely to get from The Washington Post most of the time are case studies of what not to do. But the website's video interviews with business leaders occasionally offer some positive models, too.

Courtesy of Henry Mintberg.

Debunking Management Myths

“Management” or “leadership”? Management, according to McGill University’s Henry Mintzberg, is often misunderstood. Sometimes it is idealized as work that should involve detached planning and strategizing. But many of the most interesting strategies emerge as managers deal with small actions day to day.

Courtesy of SAP.

How to Manage Virtual Teams

Based on an investigation of the performance of 80 software development projects with varying levels of dispersion — members in different cities, countries or continents — this article asserts that virtual teams offer tremendous opportunities despite their greater managerial challenges.

In fact, dispersed teams outperformed their colocated counterparts when they had the appropriate processes in place. Those processes can be classified in two categories: task-related and socio-emotional.



How to Have Influence

The difference between effective and ineffective change makers is that the effective ones don’t rely on a single source of influence. They marshal several sources at once to get superior results.



Leadership in a Liquid World

Earlier this year, I participated in a panel discussion on “Leading in a Networked World” at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and made the point that leadership attention is perhaps the networked world’s most scarce resource.


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