Leadership Skills

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Leaders Who Inspire Commitment

Recent research holds lessons for any company doing business in China: In a land where Confucianism originated over 2,000 years ago yet still exerts a major ethical and philosophical impact on the prevailing ­culture, managers who actively offer employees clear goals and rewards can strengthen organizational loyalty.


Leading at the Enterprise Level

Many companies have developed strong leaders for business units but have overlooked developing people who act in the interest of the whole organization. Understanding three issues can help: What are the key elements of the enterprise leader‘s job? Why is learning to lead at the enterprise level so challenging? What can companies do to identify and develop enterprise leaders?



Developing Versatile Leadership

Leadership consists of opposing strengths, and most leaders have a natural tendency to overdevelop one at the expense of its counterpart. The resulting imbalance diminishes their effectiveness. But leaders who work to guard against such lopsidedness can increase their versatility and their impact.



Developing Leaders: How Winning Companies Keep On Winning

How do General Electric, Hewlett-Packard and Johnson & Johnson keep a steady stream of leaders moving up? By focusing on the five essentials of leadership development. “Best-practice partners reported that they tied leadership development closely to business strategy and that they invested financial resources in it,” write the authors. “CEOs did not support the programs out of a respect for education but from a conviction that such programs can assist in aligning functional areas with corporate strategy.”


Showing 41-57 of 57