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Is Your Company Ready for HR Analytics?

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HR analytics is the next big change in human resources management.


Winning the Digital War for Talent

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Talent management processes need a digital update, too.


The Downside to Full Board Independence

Accounting scandals led to more independent corporate boards, but this trend has financial costs.


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“Creating Management Processes Built for Change”

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Professional Relationships

How to Reconnect for Maximum Impact

Reconnecting with people from previous chapters of one’s life (such as former colleagues, old friends, and other associates) is as valuable, if not more so, than connecting with currently active ties. But some reconnections are more beneficial than others. The challenge: selecting the best ones. The most valuable reconnections often turn out to be people who provide novelty, which can mean reaching out to reconnect with higher-status people or to people you didn’t know very well to begin with.

Social Media’s Expanding Relationship Universe

Social psychologists studying technology have created new classes of relationships among people. To understand the potential value of social tools within the enterprise, technology platforms need to take into account four factors identified by researchers studying offline social networks — proximities, interactions, relationships and flows.


Using Scenarios to Guide Decisions

How Scenario Planning Influences Strategic Decisions

May 27, 2016 | Shardul Phadnis, Chris Caplice, and Yossi Sheffi

Anecdotal evidence suggests that considering various scenarios helps strengthen decision making. To test this idea, researchers offered a scenario-based workshop to executives to see how considering scenarios affected decisions. They found that though participants’ confidence in their choices never wavered, the strategic choices they made before the exercise often changed dramatically after viewing the scenarios, with a tendency to become more flexible and focused on long-term value.


Improving Internal Communication


A New Era of Corporate Conversation

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Communication has changed thanks to social media — with long-term impacts on how companies work.


“Information” vs “Communication”: The Battle to Influence Decision Making

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Raffaella Sadun explains how two traditionally connected technologies seem to pull companies in opposing directions


Using Simulated Experience to Make Sense of Big Data

Simulations can help shrink the gap between what analysts try to explain and what decision makers understand.


The Unexpected Payoffs of Employee “Eavesdropping”

An experiment in social networks shows that key knowledge can be transferred without employees realizing it.

Career Satisfaction


Leading Change

Do You Have the Will for Digital Transformation?

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October 31, 2016 | Gerald C. Kane

Research shows that successful digital transformation does not require secret digital knowledge; it simply requires the boldness to recognize that digital transformation is occurring and to begin trying to adapt your business to account for and capitalize on these trends.