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What the Military Can Teach Organizations About Agility

The U.S. military is experimenting with ways to make faster — and smarter — decisions.


Don’t Get Caught in the Middle

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Our digital world is rendering traditional intermediaries obsolete. Make sure you are not one of them.


Leading Analytics Teams in Changing Times

Getting business value from data depends on developing effective analytics teams — leaders included.


Is There Room At the Top for AI?

AI in the Boardroom: The Next Realm of Corporate Governance

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October 19, 2017 | Barry Libert, Megan Beck, and Mark Bonchek

Business has become too complex for boards and CEOs to make good decisions without intelligent systems. Just as artificial intelligence helps doctors use patient data to make better diagnoses and create individualized medical solutions, AI can help business leaders know more precisely which strategy and investments will provide exponential growth and value in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Teams and Teamwork


A Path Toward Ethical Leadership

Putting an End to Leaders’ Self-Serving Behavior

Business leaders are often selfish. They honestly think they are entitled to more resources than anyone else, and that they have earned the right to take more. Their self-serving behavior is usually enabled by their organizations. But three strategies can help: Organizations can choose leaders who tilt away from self-serving frameworks; create systems that reinforce fairer evaluations; and recognize the added complexities that arise on the global stage.

The Trouble With Corporate Compliance Programs

Companies with rigorous compliance programs hope such programs will curtail employee wrongdoing. But to prevent employee misconduct, companies also need to understand how employees reach unethical decisions — and what affects their decision-making processes.



Cautionary Tales for Digital Business


Don’t Confuse Digital With Digitization

Digitization alone doesn’t make your company “digital” — but these five guiding principles can help.


The Four Ways to Manage Digital Talent and Why Two of Them Don’t Work

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With digital skills in short supply, companies must rethink the ways they engage with key talent.


The Case Against Agility

Ideas that have anchored technological decision-making have become unsuitable for the emerging world.


Will, Skill, and Velocity: Survival Skills for a Digital World

The future belongs to those who possess flexible talents, nerve, and personal speed.

Leading Complex Projects

Five Rules for Managing Large, Complex Projects

Large-scale, long-term projects are notoriously difficult to manage. But recent research on megaprojects — defined as projects costing more than $1 billion — reveals five lessons that can help executives manage any big, complex project more effectively.

Your Project Is Vulnerable. Do You Know the Warning Signs?

Large projects can succumb to a “cycle of doubt” — when support for the project wanes and delivery is imperiled in a self-perpetuating negative spiral. Here’s how to spot the warning signs of stakeholder doubts — before they derail your project.


Restoring Reputation

Restoring Trust After a Scandal

October 23, 2017 | Robert G. Eccles and Tim Youmans

When an ethics scandal damaged the reputation of Swedish telecom giant Telia and led to the ouster of its top managers, the company’s incoming leadership took a radical new turn: Changing from a corporate strategy with sustainability programs to a sustainable strategy.