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Who’s Building the Infrastructure for Lifelong Learning?

With people living longer than ever, there must be a way to promote regular education.


How to Become a Game-Changing Leader

To successfully lead big change initiatives, executives must master a wide range of leadership skills.


What CEOs Get Wrong About Vision and How to Get It Right

A vision commonly held throughout the organization must begin with the leader’s image of a credible, optimal future state.


Managing Digital Talent


The 2017 Beckhard Prize Recipient

The 2017 Richard Beckhard Memorial Prize

August 30, 2017 | MIT Sloan Management Review

The editors of MIT Sloan Management Review are pleased to announce that the winner of this year’s Richard Beckhard Memorial Prize, awarded annually to the most outstanding MIT SMR article on planned change and organizational development, is Emilio J. Castilla’s article “Achieving Meritocracy in the Workplace.”

Business Ethics and Compliance

The Trouble With Corporate Compliance Programs

Companies with rigorous compliance programs hope such programs will curtail employee wrongdoing. But to prevent employee misconduct, companies also need to understand how employees reach unethical decisions — and what affects their decision-making processes.

An Easy Way to Encourage Employees to Follow Company Rules

A new study suggests that a surprisingly simple technique can improve employees’ compliance with organizational rules. The secret? Creating more variety in the order in which employees perform tasks — even without changing the tasks.


Responding to Disruption

The Best Response to Digital Disruption

April 6, 2017 | Jacques Bughin and Nicolas van Zeebroeck

Although digitization’s disruptive influence is growing rapidly, there’s surprisingly little empirical evidence on the magnitude of digital disruption — nor any showing how companies are reacting on a broad scale. A new global survey of C-suite executives looks at how digitization unfolds across industries and how incumbents are responding. With some notable exceptions, the answer is: “Not well.”


Leading in Fast-Changing Times

The Question Every Executive Should Ask

Gone are the days of centralized control of information and decision-making within organizations. With information now widely distributed among employees, Kaiser Permanente CEO Bernard J. Tyson says today’s executives face a critical question: “How do I charge up the organization so that we’re maximizing the intellects of all of our people?”

What Makes Change Harder — or Easier

Before you adopt any popular new management approach, it pays to analyze the implicit values embedded in it. Then ask yourself: How well will those values fit our existing organizational culture?


Identifying and Developing Leaders


Rethinking the East Asian Leadership Gap

Western multinationals looking for East Asian leaders may need to explore their cultural biases.


Leadership Development’s Epic Fail

Most leadership development programs focus on competencies but fail to view leaders as individuals.


A Data-Driven Approach to Identifying Future Leaders

Frontiers |

Some companies are using assessment tools to help identify employees with leadership potential.