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The Crucial — and Underappreciated — Role of HR in Sustainability

HR departments are usually overlooked in developing sustainability programs — yet their input is crucial for success.


Bringing Fun and Creativity to Work

Team-based contests that draw on creativity and collaboration skills can build motivation in employees.


Why Managers Still Matter

Managerial authority is essential when decisions are time-sensitive, knowledge is concentrated and decisions need to be coordinated.


Finding, and Then Integrating, New Talent

At Amadeus, Finding Data Science Talent Is Just the Beginning

October 28, 2014 | Denis Arnaud, interviewed by Michael Fitzgerald

Everyone wants to hire skilled data scientists — especially Spain’s Amadeus, a travel sector technology company. Amadeus has brought more than forty new hires into this post since 2013. But locating talent is just the beginning. In an interview with MIT Sloan Management Review, Amadeus’s Denis Arnaud describes the steps he takes to not only identify data science talent, but to make sure they integrate well into the company, too.


Accentuate Your Best Skills

The best leaders know when to lead, when to manage, when to delegate and when to get out of the way. They also figure out where their own skills lie and how to take the best advantage of them.

Leading Your Team

How to Be a Better Boss

Asking reports if they would recommend their manager provides efficient management assessment.

Leading Your Team
Leading Your Team

The Elements of Good Leadership

What does it take to be an effective leader in today’s unpredictable and uncertain business environments?

Leading Your Team

The Curse of Your Qualities

The authors of “How to Become a Better Leader” explore how leaders can recognize and manage their psychological inclinations.

Leading Your Team

Debunking Management Myths

Management is too often idealized as work that should involve detached planning and strategizing.

Leading Your Team

How To Build CSR Buy-In

The Sustainability Insurgency: Missives from the Front Lines, Part 1

October 15, 2014 | Gregory Unruh

Emma Stewart, Autodesk’s head of sustainability, says that social intelligence helps CSR advocates in the company win colleagues’ buy-in. “In order to be a legitimized contributor to the business, you have to be as smart or smarter about your customers or other stakeholders as other business units,” Stewart says. The use of social intelligence, such as systematically calling on leading customers and “market-shapers” such as regulators, supports CSR managers’ ability to create a sustainability business case.

Recruit and Retain Talented Employees


What It Takes to Reshore Manufacturing Successfully

The process of bringing assembly work back to U.S. factories from abroad is more challenging than the economics would predict.


How Much Does a Company’s Reputation Matter in Recruiting?

New research sheds light on the role of a reputation for corporate social responsibility in hiring.


Six Principles of Effective Global Talent Management

Companies that are successful at global talent management subscribe to six key principles.


Reinventing Employee Onboarding

Employee orientation practices that focus on individual identity can lower employee turnover.