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Beyond Better Products: Capturing Value in Customer Interactions

In a world of mobile talent, open markets and brutal competition, it’s increasingly difficult to maintain an advantage over competitors through product innovation. As a result, some companies have figured out how to outdistance rivals through customer-focused strategies that are virtually imitation-proof.


Managing the Total Customer Experience

In recent years, managers have become increasingly aware of the need to create value for their customers in the form of experiences. Unfortunately, they have often proceeded as if managing experiences simply meant providing entertainment or being engagingly creative. The issue is far more complex than that.1



Successful Build-to-Order Strategies Start With the Customer

All companies wish they could produce exactly what customers want when they want it. The ability to be that precise would not only delight customers but reduce costs. The challenges, however, are formidable, and most companies settle for manufacturing standard products in bulk, guided by long-term forecasts.


Winning the Last Mile of E-Commerce

As the holiday season drew near, e-commerce retailers were either working anxiously to get their in-house processes ready or were double-checking with partners and service providers on order-fulfillment operations. Fears of revisiting the previous year’s fulfillment problems hounded them during their preparations for the projected high sales of Christmas 2000.1


What Does “Product Quality” Really Mean?

Is quality objective or subjective? Is it timeless or socially determined? David A. Garvin of the Harvard Business School looks at five major approaches to defining quality and addresses the empirical relationships between quality and variables such as price, advertising, market share, cost and profitability. “These distinctions are more than just theoretical niceties,” he writes. “They are the key to using quality as a competitive weapon.”

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