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If You Think Big Data’s Challenges Are Tough Now

By 2020, most new data will be generated not by people but by sensors and embedded, intelligent devices.


The Dark Side of Information Technology

All of our wonderful mobile devices don’t always make us good at managing what we do with them.


The Case for ‘Benevolent’ Mobile Apps

Smartphone apps that provide consumers with helpful information can improve users’ trust in a brand.


Preparing for the Data Tsunami

Is Your Organization Ready for the Impending Flood of Data?

November 20, 2014 | Hal Varian (Google), interviewed by Sam Ransbotham

Hal Varian, chief economist at Google and emeritus professor at UC Berkeley, has been with Google for more than a decade and has unique insight into the past and future of data analytics. In a conversation with MIT Sloan Management Review guest editor Sam Ransbotham, Varian says that companies need to beef up their systems to function within an overwhelming data flow — including new voice-command system data and other computer-mediated transactions.


New in Data & Analytics


How to Hire Data-Driven Leaders

As business moves to a real-time, data-driven focus, the search for talent has undergone a quantum shift.


Using Simulated Experience to Make Sense of Big Data

Simulations can help shrink the gap between what analysts try to explain and what decision makers understand.


Embrace Your Ignorance

The overconfidence of presumed expertise is counterproductive. Instead, data trumps intuition.


Data Scientist In a Can?

Can we automate enough of what data scientists do to ease the skills gap?

Leading in the Digital Age

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How to Become a Better Leader

To grow as an executive, you need to recognize and manage your strongest tendencies.

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Strategies for IT Governance


The Risks and Responsibilities of Tech Innovation

New tech can create new hazards for users — and for companies. Here’s how to limit the risk.


The Nine Elements of Digital Transformation

Digital advances create opportunities for companies to redefine nine key areas of their operations.


Harnessing Quant Power

A recent book by Thomas H. Davenport and Jinho Kim advises companies on how to capture the power of big data.


The Real Savings From IT Outsourcing

Research suggests that outsourcing IT helps reduce sales expenses and general and administrative costs.

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Special Collection: "Developing and Leveraging Your Analytics Assets"

A global survey, top-ranked books and research on offshore analytics providers — all offer in-depth insights for executives seeking analytics transformation. This special collection includes:

Thriving in a Big Data World
By Alden M. Hayashi

Raising the Bar With Analytics
By David Kiron, Pamela Kirk Prentice and Renee Boucher Ferguson

Should You Outsource Analytics?
By David Fogarty and Peter C. Bell

Developing and Leveraging Your Analytics Assets


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