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Revisiting Complexity in the Digital Age

Digital technologies are helping companies finesse trade-offs between complexity’s costs and benefits.


The Pitfalls of Project Status Reporting

Will your next big IT project be on time and deliver what was promised? Maybe — but maybe not.


The Digital C-Suite

The CIO Council makes the case that greater collaboration among top executives is required if companies are to reap technology’s benefits.



Building the “Connected” Car

Audi Puts Its Future Into High (Tech) Gear

May 5, 2014 | Ricky Hudi (Audi), interviewed by Michael Fitzgerald

Cars have made the transition from offline to fully networked, which makes them social vehicles, able to communicate about traffic patterns and weather. The next decade will see cars integrate more fully into consumers’ lives, says Audi’s Ricky Hudi, head of electronics at the fast-growing unit of Volkswagen. The goal for the industry: making upgradable cars, so that cars will no longer lag years behind consumer technology trends.

Embracing a Multi-Channel World

The rising use of mobile computing is helping blur the boundaries between brick-and-mortar shopping and Internet retailing. Consumers expect to interact with retailers through multiple touch points, moving fluidly from offline to online. Here's how retailers — and their supply-chain partners — need to compete.


Becoming a Digital Business


How to Revitalize Your Digital Business Model

Companies need to focus their online strategies to create a successful digital business model.


The Nine Obstacles to Digital Transformation

When leaders manage effectively, technology transformation becomes achievable.


The Advantages of Digital Maturity

The higher a company’s level of digital maturity, the better its financial performance.


Video: New Opportunities in the Transformed Music Industry

Universal Music surmounts challenges in one of the first industries to go digital.