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Should Employers Help Employees Turn Off Technology?

Pervasive and near-continual use of organizational information technology systems is taking a toll on some employees’ health.


Are You Ready For the Certainty of the Unknown?

Companies and individuals will need to embrace impermanence and continual reconfiguring in “the remix era.”


‘People Analytics’ Through Super-Charged ID Badges

Humanyze helps interpret social data so that businesses can identify the best collaborative practices of the most effective people.


New: 2015 Data & Analytics Global Report

The Talent Dividend

April 25, 2015 | Sam Ransbotham, David Kiron and Pamela Kirk Prentice

The 2015 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS finds that talent management is critical to realizing analytics benefits. This fifth annual survey of business executives, managers and analytics professionals from organizations located around the world captured insights from 2,719 respondents. It finds that organizations achieving the greatest benefits from analytics are also much more likely to have a plan for building their talent bench.


The Digital Workplace


The New World of Work

Advanced digital technologies are swiftly changing the kinds of skills that jobs require.


Remaking a Company for the Digital Natives

USAA’s Renee Horne describes the company’s efforts to make social tools an integral part of employee engagement.


Can You Really Let Employees Loose on Social Media?

Mitel's social media policy encourages employees to use their "best judgment" in posting but otherwise stays out of their way. Does it work?


Revamping Your Business Through Digital Transformation

By using mobile devices, social media, analytics and the cloud, savvy companies are transforming the way they do business.

New in Data & Analytics


Sustaining an Analytics Advantage

Companies that are experienced in using analytics successfully offer five lessons for corporate leaders.


Once You Align the Analytical Stars, What’s Next?

What do you do when you’ve got an unending stream of quality data, and processes in place for analytics… but you’re not sure what to do with it all?


Are Data Scientists Really a Breed Apart?

What differentiates data scientists from other quantitative analysts? It's partly their skill set and partly their mind set.


Analytics in E Major

The Echo Nest, a “music intelligence” company, uses machine-learning technology to connect people with new music.

What’s Your Digital Strategy?

How can companies best embrace the potentials of the digital age while staying true to their missions?