Interactive Charts:
Achieving Long-Term Digital Success

Using the Interactive Charts

Visualize the data to fit your needs. Explore and customize each interactive chart by filtering and isolating the data that is useful to you — and creating a customized visualization to share.

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Hover over an individual data point to reveal a tooltip with explanatory details for that data point.

Data Customization

Use the dropdown menus above each chart to discover the information most relevant to you.

“View by Industry or Region” allows you set a filtering parameter to view results by industry or geographic region.

“2. Filter Results” options allow you to filter the data by a specific region or industry.

Saving Your Customized Visualizations

After you've applied filters and other customizations to an interactive chart, you can share a customized view of the data as an image (png) or a PDF file.

Use the toolbar at the bottom of the chart to select the format in which to download your customized data.*

*Please note: These visualizations were intended to show trends in responses. Small discrepancies may be due to rounding errors.

Share or Embed the Interactive Chart

You can share the interactive chart — either the view your created or the original view — with your network or on your site by using the share tools in the bottom left-hand corner of the visualization. There are options for linking to your Facebook and Twitter, and for embedding it into your own website.

Please note: All data is copyright Massachusetts Institute of Technology. When citing the material, credit MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte, and link back to the report, at

Reverting The Chart to Original View

Use the revert, undo or redo buttons on bottom right-hand corner of the chart's footer to reset the data to its default state. This will undo any customization you've done to the chart.

Downloading The Raw Data

You can download the data as an Excel file to view in Microsoft Excel and other applications.

Disclaimer: The data is provided "as is." The user assumes the entire risk related to its use of this data. MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte make no representation or guarantee with respect to data provided by either Party for further use by third parties.

* Please note: These visualizations were intended to show trends in responses. Small discrepancies may be due to rounding errors.

About the Data

In the fall of 2015, MIT Sloan Management Review, in collaboration with Deloitte, captured insights from individuals in 131 countries and 27 industries, from organizations of various sizes. More than two-thirds of the respondents were from outside of the United States. The sample was drawn from a number of sources, including MIT Sloan Management Review readers, Deloitte Dbriefs webcast subscribers, and other interested parties.

You can download the raw data (.xlsx) to view in Microsoft Excel and other applications.

Digital Business Maturity

We asked respondents to “imagine an ideal organization transformed by digital technologies and capabilities that improve processes, engage talent across the organization, and drive new value-generating business models.” We then asked respondents to rate their company against that ideal on a scale of 1 to 10. Three maturity groups were observed: “early” (1-3), “developing” (4-6), and “maturing” (7-10). Read the full report to learn more about digital business maturity.