Interactive Charts:
Reaching Beyond Digital Transformation

About the Research

The Digital Business Global Executive Study and Research Project, conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte, revealed five key practices of companies that are developing into more mature digital organizations. An analysis of the findings was published in the 2017 research report, “Achieving Digital Maturity: Adapting Your Company to a Changing World.”

These interactive charts explore how survey respondents say digital trends are transforming their organizations. Use the industry and region filters to see how your company measures up.

Digital Maturity
We asked respondents to “imagine an ideal organization transformed by digital technologies and capabilities that improve processes, engage talent across the organization, and drive new value-generating business models.” We then asked respondents to rate their company against that ideal on a scale of 1 to 10. Three maturity groups were observed: “early” (1-3), “developing” (4-6), and “maturing” (7-10). Read the full report to learn more about digital maturity.

About the Data

To understand the challenges and opportunities associated with the use of digital technology, MIT SMR, in collaboration with Deloitte, conducted its sixth annual survey of more than 3,500 business executives, managers, and analysts from organizations around the world.

The survey, conducted in the fall of 2016, captured insights from individuals in 117 countries and 29 industries, from organizations of various sizes. More than two-thirds of the respondents were from outside of the United States. The sample was drawn from a number of sources, including MIT SMR readers, Deloitte Dbriefs webcast subscribers, and other interested parties.

You can download the raw data (.xlsx) to view in Microsoft Excel and other applications.

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