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“Cybersecurity Takes Center Stage ”

This collection of MIT SMR articles offers insights into how company leaders can heighten their understanding and awareness of cyber risks. (Registration required.)

Articles included in this collection:

The Board's Role in Managing Cybersecurity Risks
By Ray A. Rothrock, James Kaplan, and Friso Van der Oord

To Improve Cybersecurity, Think Like a Hacker
By José Esteves, Elisabete Ramalho, and Guillermo de Haro

What Executives Get Wrong About Cybersecurity
Stuart E. Madnick, interviewed by Martha E. Mangelsdorf

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MIT SMR Strategy Forum: China

For Western Companies, Has China Lost Its Appeal?

This month’s MIT SMR Strategy Forum poll looks at whether China remains an integral growth opportunity for Western multinational companies — or whether other emerging markets or technology ventures have become more attractive in the face of increasing competition and trade issues.

Counterpoints: The Sports Analytics Podcast


Team Management

Five Ways to Improve Communication in Virtual Teams

Frontiers |

If you think sophisticated communication technologies are the ticket to your virtual team’s success, think again. It’s not the tech that matters — it’s how people use it. New research reveals five strategies for conquering distance and improving communication and performance in dispersed teams. The same strategies can help colocated teams, which depend increasingly on virtual collaboration tools to get work done.

Performance Management for Successful Teams

A webinar featuring ADP chief behavioral economist Jordan Birnbaum describes how data-driven performance management can be used to improve the organization.



The Future of Work


Five Insights From Davos on the Future of Work

At the 2019 gathering of the World Economic Forum, re-skilling and flexible work took center stage.


How Human-Computer ‘Superminds’ Are Redefining the Future of Work

As smart technologies embed deeper into human processes, a more powerful form of collaboration is emerging.


The Quest to Create Utterly Normal Virtual Reality Experiences

Frontiers |

VR is being used for job training, but it also has the potential to reduce our need to commute.


Leading in the Digital Age

Coming of Age Digitally

In the 2018 Digital Business Report, MIT SMR and Deloitte find that digitally maturing organizations encourage distributed leadership and a healthy appetite for experimentation.

AI-Driven Leadership

Not many companies are there yet, but there’s a developing framework for what it takes to lead an AI-driven company. Leaders at the forefront of AI have seven key attributes: They learn the technologies; establish clear business objectives; set an appropriate level of ambition; look beyond pilots and proofs of concept; prepare people for the journey; get the necessary data; and orchestrate collaborative organizations.



Understanding China’s Next Wave of Innovation

In recent years, a handful of Chinese companies like Alibaba, Haier, and Tencent have garnered a lot of attention as they have emerged as global innovators. They are challenging the R&D strategies of foreign companies and offering lessons on how to make ideas commercially viable. But there’s another, less obvious force to be reckoned with in China: thousands of innovative companies that are quietly disrupting numerous industries and developing new products and new business models.