The Best of This Week

This week’s must-reads for managing in a digital age: What the U.S. is getting wrong about the race for powerful AI, why putting culture front and center when managing is important, Facebook faces cryptocurrency hurdles, and why sports analytics fail in the playoffs.


Exploring the Digital Future of Management

Disrupting the Enterprise

How AI Is Helping Companies Break Silos

Frontiers |

Companies are beginning to experiment with AI-driven tools to better coordinate the workflows in different business silos. The result: More effective integration of efforts among business units and between business partners.

Unleashing the Power of Blockchain in the Enterprise

Frontiers |

Blockchain is emerging as a foundational technology, but there is still groundwork to be done on standards development and the governance of change — and doing that work is critical to enterprise strategy.


Changing the Way We Sell



Developing A Narrative

The Power of a Clear Leadership Narrative

The most important skill an effective leader can have is the ability to articulate a clear sense of purpose, vision, and strategy. Creating a powerful narrative that expresses your beliefs and passions will help you unite individuals into teams, and teams into amazing communities.

It’s Time to Tackle Your Team’s Undiscussables

When leadership teams struggle with undiscussables, symptoms range from unresolved conflicts and uneven participation in meetings to destructive groupthink and employee disengagement. The more undiscussables there are, the more difficult it is for the team to function. Ignoring them results in strained relationships and bad decisions. Here’s how leaders can bring the four types of undiscussables to light, improving team learning, problem-solving, and performance.



Counterpoints: The Sports Analytics Podcast

Front Office, Disrupted

Innovations from the front office are keeping fans engaged and disrupting the staid order in sports.

Information Overload?

As sports become ever more analytical, can there be such a thing as too much data?

Talent Versus Teamwork

Counterpoints looks at whether analytics can quantify team chemistry.

Behold the Big Man

Defensive analytics are shaping how NBA basketball strategy is evolving.

Will the Business Roundtable Statement Impact Workers?

This month’s MIT SMR Strategy Forum poll looks at the recent Business Roundtable Statement, which proposed a view of corporate purpose that includes the interests of employees, communities, suppliers, and customers in addition to shareholders. We ask our panel of strategy experts whether this shift may have an impact for American workers.