Special Report Sponsorship

MIT Sloan Management Review’s Special Report series offers topic-specific, multi-platform sponsorship opportunities published online and in print. The program lets the sponsor closely link its brand to the topic of the new, featured content package running in a given issue. Program elements include lead generation, brand awareness, and advertising.

Lead Generation

The program offers readers the opportunity to register to download the special report package developed by MIT SMR editors for each issue. The registrant data is passed on to the sponsor; these are valuable leads qualified by the customer’s self-selection and interest in the topic. You will work with the sales team to determine your lead goals and what information you want to capture.* The marketing team will design and optimize your program to meet your goals.

MIT SMR will monitor the metrics of the program to ensure that it’s meeting your goals. Registration information will be sent on a weekly basis during the course of the program.

* Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) requires businesses to obtain express or implied consent before sending any commercial message. Canadian registrants will see an opt-in check box.

Brand Awareness

Your logo and/or company name, as well as link to your own site, will appear on the assets that promote the program.

Special Report PDF

A designed special report package will acknowledge your sponsorship by prominently displaying your logo.

Site Assets

Promotional panels on the homepage and other topic pages on the MIT SMR site will promote the program to site visitors. A sidebar message on each article in the package also promotes the program.

Social Media

MIT SMR will promote the content download in social media in each of its Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts, with a combined audience of 162,000+


MIT SMR will promote the program in its monthly research update newsletter, with a circulation of 65,000+ enews opt-in subscribers.

Display Banner Advertising

MIT SMR will create run-of-site banner advertisement promoting the download of the Special Report.

Registration Process

Your logo, plus a live link to your website, will appear on the registration and confirmation pages, and on the email delivering the PDF.

Banner and Print Advertising

You’ll have exclusive banner advertising on all articles included in the special report, as both 300 x 250 and 300 x 600. The program also includes banner advertising in the enewsletter announcing the issue and a full-page, four-color print advertisement within the special report content itself in the print edition.

Digital Audience

Print Audience

Book a program

Email sales at smr-sales@mit.edu for more information.