Free Reading Spree to Kick Off Spring

MIT SMR site content is freely available all day March 5 and 6.

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We’re gearing up to release our Spring 2019 issue, which features an exciting lineup of big ideas from key management thinkers. To celebrate its publication in advance, we’re dropping our paywall on March 5 and 6 so that all of our content will be freely available to visitors online.

The open site is one way to thank our readers and our authors. By periodically providing free access to leading-edge insights and research, we can help spread the ideas far and wide — which means more managers can use them to run their organizations and teams more effectively.

Below, we offer some suggestions on where to start — some from the new issue, some from our rich archives. We hope you enjoy the spree, and we’d love your feedback.

The Top MIT SMR Articles of 2018

With Goals, FAST Beats SMART

By Donald Sull and Charles Sull

The Challenge of Scaling Soft Skills

By Lynda Gratton

The Truth About Corporate Transformation

By Martin Reeves, Lars Fæste, Kevin Whitaker, and Fabien Hassan

The End of Scale

By Hemant Taneja with Kevin Maney

How Big Data and AI Are Driving Business Innovation in 2018

By Randy Bean

People Analytics — A New Series

The Surprising Value of Obvious Insights

By Adam Grant

Can We Really Test People for Potential?

By Reb Rebele

Self-Reports Spur Self-Reflection

By Angela Duckworth

Career Management Isn’t Just the Employee’s Job

By Matthew Bidwell and Federica De Stefano

How You Can Have More Impact as a People Analyst

By Cade Massey

The Future of Work

Performance Management’s Digital Shift

By Michael Schrage, David Kiron, Bryan Hancock, and Raffaele Breschi

What to Do When Industry Disruption Threatens Your Career

By Boris Groysberg, Whitney Johnson, and Eric Lin

Reframing the Future of Work

By Jeff Schwartz, John Hagel III, Maggie Wooll, and Kelly Monahan


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